Got the postcard?

Why yes I do!

What was the point in having postcards if I can’t show them off?! So, I’ve uploaded a few of my postcards, and I’ll add the others in if I ever get round to writing posts about Barcelona and Berlin.

Dublin 1 Dublin 2009

London 1 London, pretty much every year :)

The next 4 are from Amsterdam, the latest trip my boyfriend and I have been on. The first was the traditional postcard, and the next 3 are postcards I picked up in the Van Gogh museum.

Amsterdam 1

Van Gogh 1 This was painted by Van Gogh for his nephew. I thought it was pretty so I bought a postcard of it :)

Van Gogh 2 The painting everyone recognises as Van Gogh. It was thought daring that he used 3 shades of yellow in one painting, but it was his favourite colour so you can see why he did.

Van Gogh 3 This is a painting he did of a house he lived in, called the Yellow House. I also thought this was pretty, hence why I have a postcard of it :)

The next 5 are postcards I got while on holiday in Tenerife, I think in 2011 🙂




4 5

So, there’s a few of my collection…I thought it silly to say I collect postcards but that you didn’t get to see them!


  • We’re off to Malaga at the end of this month – it’s more of a chilled holiday I think as we’re going with friends, but I’m going to see if there’s anything interesting to do in the area too.
  • Next trip is looking to be Paris, doing a bit more research on that, so expect an update on both trips soon!

Peace x


5 thoughts on “Got the postcard?”

  1. these are all very beautiful!! what a clever idea, truly. So what’s the secret to funding all your travels? I would love to travel just the same, but of course money is a large factor.


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