You sound like you’re from Londooonnnn!!

Well hello there!

So this weekend was a busy one…no trips abroad, but my boyfriend & I spent the day in London with his family for his mum’s birthday. In true English style, it was pouring down with rain, but as I walked to our first stop I got to walk past the Royal Courts of Justice. I’ve been there before as part of my law course, and actually got to go in & sit in on an appeal case, but I don’t think it’s open on a Saturday so couldn’t just pop in 😦

Anyway, we started the day off with breakfast at The Delauney…very pricey! I ordered egg & soldiers – cant really go wrong with that…unless of course you get hard boiled eggs. Luckily, I’m not one to moan…a great deal lol. We then moved on to the Tate Modern. For those who don’t know, the Tate Modern is an art exhibition centre. It’s free, but some exhibitions do need to be paid for. We spent nearly 3 hours in there having a look at the pieces on display, and the only thing we spent money on was a map of the building, which we didn’t even use! I know some people love it there – my boyfriend spent a great deal of time looking at some pieces, whereas I appreciate art that takes skill. The oil paintings we saw really caught my eye…they look so much like photographs! Other pieces I didn’t quite get were things like a line of bricks on the floor, 2 chairs stacked on top of each other and a large box with what looked like doodles on it. The accompanying descriptions give you an idea of what the artist intended, but for me personally, 3 hours was too long there.


Here’s a couple i really liked:


After a leg-achingly slow shuffle through the Tate, we then headed over to Borough market. We’ve been meaning to go for weeks, maybe even months now and I’m so glad we finally went! It’s only a 5 minute walk from the Tate along the quirky southbank of the Thames, and clearly signposted. We didn’t get to spend long there as my boyfriends family aren’t quite into food markets as much as we are, and we didn’t want them to get bored so we just had a quick look around. We found some delicious Bratwurst and Bockwurst sausages, so we’ll be making some currywurst this weekend with a mix we picked up in Berlin.


The range of stalls and people at Borough market means we’ll definitely be returning. Not only are there stalls outside, there are also a range of stalls indoors. We saw everything from sausages (obviously) and cheese, to chocolate, ostrich and horse burgers. One stall had dead rabbits hanging from the ceiling, and upon closer inspection I saw that the bag over their heads was full of blood. Not so pleasant, but as I looked down at the counter a huge pigs head was staring back at me. What else could I do but laugh?! As we were leaving we stopped at a stall to look at what was on offer, and an old gentleman got talking to us about some mustard he thought would go very well with the sausages we’d bought, so upon his recommendation we’ll be trying that out soon! I just wish we could have talked to him longer as he was in Berlin when the Russians split the city with the wall.

So all in all, a very enjoyable day doing completely new things in a city I love. I’ve been to London many times, and there is always something new to visit, see and do.
The Shard

A little update on plans – Paris is booked! It’s been really difficult to do as it’s a surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday, and I’m not used to making all the decisions on my own! It’s only been booked for a few hours, but I already feel guilty for keeping a secret from someone I’m used to telling absolutely everything to! He knows we’re going to go away, but he thinks it will be a couple of nights in Brighton.

Fingers crossed I can keep it a secret & he’s not disappointed to not be going to Brighton!

Any tips for Paris…let me know!

Peace x


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