Boardmasters Festival!

Well hello there!

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been very busy!!

I’ve recently come back from Boardmasters festival in Newquay, and in preparation for the camping (I haven’t been since brownies!) we thought it’d be best to spend a bit of time ‘practice’ camping. So for my boyfriend and I’s first camping trip together, we made our way to Hertford for a night. Such a pretty town, with attractive pubs set right on a river. It’s just a shame we only went for the one night, otherwise we could have spent a bit of time exploring. But, as it happens, the practice camping trip came in useful, as we realised all of the things we’d forgotten, and just how tiny our tent is! We’ve got a nice little 4 man number, but it’s split into 2 bedrooms, and just doesn’t work well for me. Nevertheless, we made our way to Newquay a couple of weeks later. To make the most of the time there, and to make it worth the 5 hour drive, we thought it’d be nice to go a few days early and camp.

We set off on the Tuesday a little bit later than planned, and luckily hit no traffic. It’s a really nice drive down there once you get off the M25 (a notoriously horrible motorway that circles London) and a lot of the drive is through the countryside. We even got to drive past Stone Henge! I had thought we could stop off and have a look, but it’s £8 entry each, and I got some pretty cool snaps as we drove past. Maybe another day 🙂 We eventually found our campsite just before dark, so it was a race to get the tent up while we still had the light. After the mad rush, we thought it would be best to get some grub for dinner and breakfast the next morning, but everything in Newquay seems to shut about 9pm. This struck me as somewhat strange, as most of the supermarkets near me are 24-hour. Anyway, we managed to find a little Tesco Express, and stocked up on essentials, before heading back for a tasty and fully nutritious…bacon sarnie :).

Wednesday was our main, free day in Newquay to do with what we wanted. I was keen to go a bit further out and visit Land’s End, with the thought that we aren’t often down that way, and what’s another hour when you’ve already driven for 5? Unfortunately, the traffic was nuts, so we called quits on that and headed to Fistral Beach to see what was going on down there. After finally getting parked and finding the right beach (yes, there’s more than one) we settled in to watch a bit of the surfing and skateboarding competitions going on. After one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in a long time, and a VERY near miss with a seagull’s droppings, we headed back to rustle up some dinner for our last night at the campsite.

Early Thursday meant packing up the tent, which is always so difficult because how does it all fit in a bag so small?! After missing our ‘checkout time’ by nearly an hour, we finally made our way to the beach. There’s another smaller beach close to where we were staying, so thought it’d be nice to try something different. To say we got a bit lost would be an understatement, but it’s all part of the fun and we actually managed to find a really cool beach, which I would definitely class as a hidden gem! It seemed more like a beach the locals know about and visit, unlike Fistral Beach which was rammed with tourists.

As we’d gone for a VIP ticket (oh yeahhh) for the festival, we had early entry on the Thursday evening. We’d also opted for a tent that was already going to be put up so that we didn’t have to worry about putting up or taking down a tent. I know it sounds lazy, but as we dashed out on Sunday it was very satisfying to not have to put our tent away again 🙂 We got to the field quite late, and as we’d had to lug ALL of our stuff we were really tired, and ended up falling straight asleep. There was a bit of an issue with the nice toilets in the VIP area, which meant that they were shut and we’d have to use the portaloos. For anyone who has been to a festival you’ll know why this was an issue.

Waking up on Friday, we found a food truck and sorted ourselves out with a bacon sarnie, before getting ready and heading over to the festival. In hindsight, it was a very long day, but we got to the arena about 1pm. First things first, have a look around. The views were amazing. The festival is on a field that is right next to the beach, which meant that with some artists we’d be watching them against a backdrop of the ocean. Absolutely loved it! We managed to catch a couple of comedy gigs, and discovered some comedians we’ll definitely be watching out for! If you ever get the chance, I’d definitely recommend seeing Chris Purchase and Luke Honnoraty, although pretty much all that we saw were a good laugh. Music-wise, there were a good few acts I didn’t know, but my boyfriend is well clued up on his music, so I just followed him as he pointed out acts he thought I’d like.

I know my boyfriend absolutely loved the festival. I’m a bit harder to please, and didn’t like having to eat the greasy food on offer or using the nasty portaloos (I’m scarred for like from 1 visit!). The lights in one of the music tents were a bit dodgy and made me fall asleep one night too which was quite funny!

The last day of the festival was Sunday, and we made the decision that we’d get up really early on Monday morning and leave before everyone got up, just to try and miss the traffic. We’d visited the beach the day before, and the sheer number of people meant it took us 40 minutes to do a 5 minute drive. We were VERY keen to miss that again, so got up at 6am and ended up leaving about half past. Most people had only just gone to sleep, so wise decision on our part 🙂 Quick stop on the way home for a spot of breakfast, and we were home in 6 hours. Only reason it took a lot longer was the slight wrong turning we took, which added a nice drive through some different countryside to our journey.

All in all, good weekend and much needed break from work and home. We’ve already got another camping trip planned with our friends for the weekend after next, so having 8 adults and 3 kids will be a bit different to our 2 person trips we’ve already enjoyed. After that, we’re hopefully heading off on a real sun holiday abroad (although I’m not sure it’ll beat the tan I got in Newquay!) mid September so I can spend my birthday chilling by the pool catching some rays! Let’s hope we get something booked soon 🙂

Just something else to add, going to a festival was something which made an appearance on my bucket list. Although I hadn’t actually got round to adding it on the list on here, it’s something I’m very happy to have experienced and be able to tick off…yay!!

Peace! x



  1. August 29, 2013 / 3:21 pm

    Well that’s absolutely lovely! It was a great weekend and I’m glad you guys enjoyed us!

  2. September 12, 2013 / 10:45 am

    Glad it was fun. Can you send the food truck my way, I’m hungry and lazy at the moment.

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