Photo Friday: Gingerbread Heaven!



Anyone who has ever had German gingerbread will hopefully understand my absolute love for the stuff!

As a child, my grandparents used to bring us some back from their trips to Germany, but it was only as an adult that I rekindled my romance with the delicious, bready ¬†yumminess! I have only ever been able to find this (the proper good stuff, none of that fake supermarket attempt) at German Christmas markets. So you can imagine my delight when I first visited Berlin, and it was¬†everywhere. Around Christmas time there is a market on practically every street corner. Which means…you guessed it, there was gingerbread on practically every street corner too! I was in absolute heaven for 4 days and bought nearly a years supply home with me!
PF - Gingerbread Heaven!


Anyone heading near any German Christmas markets this year…I’d like to place an order!



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