Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Cologne

One month countdown!

So today marks the start of the one month countdown to our break away to Germany and Belgium!

We’ve booked all of our transport, so the plan is partially set. We’re going to fly into Berlin, where we’ll spend a few days before making our way down to Cologne on the train. I’ve never been on a train for more than about an hour, so a 5-hour train journey to Cologne will be a new experience for me. It is at 8.45am though, so I imagine I’ll split my time between snoozing and staring out of the window like a kid in a sweet shop.

After we’ve spent a couple of days in Cologne, where I really want to visit the cathedral and obviously the Christmas market, we’ll then jump on another train to Brussels, where we currently have 4 days to do with what we like. We haven’t booked any accommodation yet, so we’re free to mix it up in Belgium, hopefully including a trip to Bruges.

It’s all very exciting for us, and we can’t wait to get back to Germany to freeze our nuggets off while getting into the Christmas spirit! I’m not one to usually get excited about Christmas, but with the decorations in Berlin and the sheer amount of Christmas markets, it would be enough to make even the Grinch feel festive!

DSC00364_fotor DSC00383_fotor


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