Photo Friday: The Thinker

November 7, 2014

Photo Friday: The Thinker

November 7, 2014

One of Rodin’s most famous pieces, I knew of the sculpture without knowing the name of it or the artist who created it. It wasn’t until we visited Musée Rodin in Paris that I spotted the sculpture (not hard, it’s big!) and I put two and two together.

Many of the pieces available to view at Musée Rodin were created to be part of the bigger The Gates of Hell piece, also on show at the museum. The Thinker is one of those pieces, and there’s a bit of speculation as to whether the figure was originally intended to depict Dante, sitting at the Gates of Hell, pondering his poem.

Whether it was or not, I still love the statue. Although, when we were standing admiring the sculpture, there were funny whispers and noises coming from the bushes surrounding us. It was only after a few very confusing minutes that I realised there are speakers in the bushes – just a little heads up so you don’t get creeped out like I did!Statue of the Thinker, Musee Rodin, ParisAlthough there are no plaques to confirm, Rodin and his wife are buried in the grounds of Musée Rodin, and there’s a large sculpture of The Thinker built on top of their graves. As this is the only sculpture of it’s kind we saw at Musée Rodin, I think this is also the burial place of Rodin and his wife.

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