La Costa Tapas Bar, Tenerife

November 10, 2014

La Costa Tapas Bar, Tenerife

November 10, 2014

I love tapas. It might even be my favourite food. So whenever my boyfriend and I are in a Spanish country, we try our best to sample the local tapas. La Costa is just one of the tapas bars we have visited, but it offers so much more than just good food.

Where would I find it?

Once you find yourself on the sunny island of Tenerife, make your way to Playa Vista, which is a beach between Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. It’s a lovely walk between the two resorts, with a beach on one side and a rising block of restaurants and bars on the other. As you head from Playa de las Americas towards Los Cristianos, there’s a set of stairs before the rising block of restaurants. It doesn’t look like there’s anything up there of interest, but if you head up those stairs, you’ll find a street full of quirky bars and restaurants. La Costa is along that street, and although it doesn’t look like much from the outside – in fact, we’d have walked straight past it if we didn’t know it was there – it’s what’s inside that counts!IMG_0703_fotor

What makes it so special?

There are so many things about La Costa that I love. The setting is something I’ve not found anywhere else – it has a small, outdoor seating area, with only about 10 tables. The best tables are next to the glass-topped screen, where you’re treated to views out over the beach (Playa Vista, which literally means beach with a view), where you can usually see a boat or two bobbing away. And on each wooden table is a candle, adding to the ambience. The staff are warm and welcoming, and are so friendly and helpful. They’d changed the way you order the tapas the last time we visited, so now you mark on a menu which dishes you’d like, and every time you want to order more, you just pass over another menu marked with the dishes. Great way to not over order, but also to top up if you’ve got a bit of space left.IMG_0706_fotor

Something I think really sets La Costa apart from other restaurants is the personal touch. The staff are always smiling and chatty, and on our first ever visit I couldn’t decide whether I wanted a cocktail or a glass of water (oooh…pushing the boat out!). The waitress, who I think may also be the owner, waited while I ummed and ahhed, before finally deciding water would be the best bet as I’d already had a few to drink. She promptly brought out my boyfriends coffee with liquer, and a glass of water for me, with a cocktail umbrella in it. She said that way I could still have the fun of the cocktail. It was such a lovely touch, and the service is the main reason we keep going back.

You simply have to try…

Enough about the ambience and the lovely staff…let’s get down to the food! There are obviously loads of dishes to try, and like most tapas bars you’re recommended to get about 3 per person, which you can then all tuck into. Some personal favourites are the albondingas which are yummy meatballs in a tomato sauce I could eat for the rest of my life! There’s also the tapas staple Serrano ham which is cured ham and served on a wooden slab. Something else I always get is the Spanish tortilla (potato omelette), Pan y Ali Oli (bread with a garlic mayo-like sauce) and of course…Chorizo! They have a huge range on offer, with lots of fish, meat, vege and gluten free dishes on offer. They’ve also recently added main meals to the menu.IMG_0694_fotor

Every time we visit we try and add a different dish to our standard list, and on our most recent visit my boyfriend decided the calamari would be a good shout. The portion sizes are generous, and because there was too much for him to finish he thought it’d be great for me to try one. Stupidly, I did, and I now know I really do not like fish. Or anything else that has lived in the sea. Yuck.

We have been known to walk for an hour to get to this tapas bar, but luckily on our most recent visit it was just 15 minutes from our hotel. We tried to get there early to get a seat by the glass, but other people had had the sense to reserve those tables. Regardless, we were still afforded stunning views of the sun setting over La Gomera in the distance, and we still got to tuck into the delicious tapas while soaking up the ambience of the quaint restaurant.

You can check out the restaurant at, where you can see they’ve won a few TripAdvisor awards, as well as being awarded 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor. Reading the reviews on there show that I’m not the only one who loves this place! I recommend it to everyone I know who visits Tenerife, and everyone tells me how much they loved it, and they’d never have found it otherwise – yep, I’ll take the credit there!

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