The Bratwurst is so close!

December 2, 2014

The Bratwurst is so close!

December 2, 2014

Tomorrow is technically the start of our trip away, as we’re travelling up to my mum and dads in preparation for our early flight on Thursday morning. Now, I don’t really like flying and I really don’t like early mornings, so I know I will definitely not be a barrel of laughs on our journey to Berlin.

Once we get ourselves checked in to the hotel, or at least just get rid of our luggage I’ll be way more excitable. There are a few things we know we’d like to do in Berlin, one of which is visit the Reichstag. One thing we learnt from when we visited before is that you have to register in advance to  visit, so I’ve already visited the site to register us for a visit, and lo and behold the only week we’ll be in Berlin is the week you can’t register for. Just our luck. Suppose we’ll have to come back another time so we can do that…(any excuse).

After we’ve spent a few days in Berlin and eaten all of the gingerbread and bratwurst in the city, we’re catching an early train (yay for early mornings) to Cologne, where we’ll spend a couple of days before moving on to Belgium. The plan there is to have 2 days in Bruges and 2 days in Brussels.

I’ve spent many a lunch break bored out of my mind at work and exploring websites to find great things to do in the cities we’ll be visiting. I’ve got some amazing tips from people I’ve spoken to and from blogs I’ve read that I can’t wait to put into use!

And…I get to tick another country off my ‘To Visit’ list! Although Belgium is ridiculously close the UK, I’ve never been before! So I can’t wait to see what all the hype is about 🙂

Slightly excited! Check back soon to hear what I get up to!

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