Last day in Berlin!

December 11, 2014

Last day in Berlin!

December 11, 2014

Our third day in Berlin was the last chance we’d have to tick more things off our list for the city, as we had an early train booked for the next morning. And I’m talking 8.40am early. On a Sunday. Double ouch!

We woke up with the best intentions of getting up and heading out early. That was until I’d realised I hadn’t paid my credit card bill, and the due date was while we were away. Usually I can just pay on my phone, but as luck would have it I had a new debit card which needed to be registered on a recognised computer, which was currently sitting in my parents lounge. Quick FaceTime with my darling mum who did her best to work out online banking, and after a quick natter we were on our way out.

The first thing on the agenda was the Holocaust Memorial museum. We’d visited the memorial on Berlin 1.0, but the museum had been closed. So we now found ourselves in the queue, which moved really slowly. Eventually, we made our way into the underground museum for the history of the persecution of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, and the chance to see actual individuals and families’ stories.

Next on the days plan was a visit to Brandenburg Gate. It’s just up the road from the memorial, so it made sense to go there next. It was so much busier than when we visited before, but we still managed to get some great photos of the gate and a bite to eat too.
One thing I was really keen to do on the trip was visit the Reichstag. Everyone says its something you just have to do in Berlin, and we hadn’t been able to last time as you have to register in advance. Well, I learnt my lesson, and tried to register us before coming this time. I don’t know if I left it too late, or there were no spaces left, but I wasn’t able to register! So we just settled for a walk to see the building, which is just a few minutes from Brandenburg Gate. The building itself is stunning, but my favourite thing there was an older gentlemen dressed entirely in white speed walking in circles on the lawn. His crazy music was blaring, and his toned behind was way too visible through his trousers. Photos taken (of the building), we made our way back to Potsdamer through Tiergarten.
The Holocaust Memorial is focused on the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, and as we strolled through the park we stumbled upon the Sinti and Roma memorial. Something often forgotten is that it wasn’t just Jewish people who were persecuted, but basically anyone who didn’t fit the Nazi idea of ideal.
Continuing on, my boyfriend decided he just had to have a picture of him with Checkpoint Charlie. So we caught the train to Stadtmitte to then walk the remaining distance. We walked for a while, before arriving at a U-Bahn station we’d passed on the way to Stadtmitte – oops…we’d been walking in the wrong direction. Back to our start point and we walked down a different street I was sure was the right one. Wrong again, and after 5 minutes we were back where we started. Turns out, we were only actually a few minutes from Checkpoint Charlie, and I could actually see the Christmas tree from where we were.

After some quick pictures with Checkpoint Charlie, and a few of us with our feet either side of where the wall stood – we’re too cool! – we had a quick pitstop at the hotel for the free use of a toilet before continuing on to Potsdamer Platz to grab some dinner, some souvenirs from the market and my favourite gravy that can’t be bought in the UK! Then it was back to the hotel for an early night in preparation of our early start the next day. Very excited to visit a new city and explore Cologne!

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