NH Köln City, Cologne

December 30, 2014

NH Köln City, Cologne

December 30, 2014

Cologne (Köln) is one of the largest cities in Germany, and home to the Köln Dom which is the biggest cathedral in Germany. Before visiting I wasn’t sure what else was in the city, but I do love a good church and had heard there were a few Christmas markets, so decided we’d stop in Cologne for a couple of nights on our way from Berlin to Belgium.

Where would I find it?
Cologne isn’t the biggest city, and the hotel is actually a 10-15 minute walk from the train station and cathedral. When booking, I was concerned it was too far away and that we’d have a long journey to see anything each day, but in actual fact there’s lots to see from the moment we stepped out of the hotel and during the walk to the cathedral. There are different routes you can take too, so you get to see different aspects of the city. Plus, there’s a chocolate museum on the other side of the road!

So the room was like…?
Spacious! The first thought I had when we entered the room was that it’s like a small apartment. When you first enter, there’s a small cupboard, with hanging space and a safe. From there you can move into the spacious bedroom, or into the tiled bathroom.

NH Köln City, hotel in Cologne, spacious  bedroom with super comfy relaxer chairBedroom first – there were all the essentials such as a bed (lucky, right?) desk and fridge. The wardrobe/cupboard were in the little entrance lobby, so that freed up a bit of space. There’s usually some kind of chair in a hotel room, but I think my boyfriend may have fallen in love with the one here. I only had the chance to sit in it once, and it was comfy. My boyfriend, on the other hand, would get out of bed early to sit in the chair with his duvet – must have loved it!

And now the bathroom. I wasn’t overly impressed by the bathroom, probably because we’d just come from something so modern and luxurious in Berlin. The whole room is decked out in white tiles, and the towel rack is at one end of the shower, which I couldn’t quite understand. The shower itself is great, except it’s on the side wall of the shower instead of at the end as is usual. Not really a huge problem, it’s just that with a not quite long enough shower curtain and epic hair flicks I ended up with water everywhere. Just being fussy though! There was plenty of space in the bathroom, with a large mirror and hairdryer, and a mirror on the back of the door that when you used the toilet with the door open you would be sat staring at yourself. Quite off-putting…


One of the most important things for a city break, or any kind of break where you’ll be doing a lot of walking is a comfortable bed. One of the first things I did when we were all checked in was park myself on the bed and test the springiness – and I was not disappointed! Not too soft, not too hard, we both slept extremely well here. Following European (or maybe just German) tradition, we had two single duvets as we did in Berlin, and this may have contributed to a good night’s sleep as there was no fighting over the duvet. We also had two pillows each, so plenty of choice for pillow options.

A girl’s got to eat!
There’s a restaurant in the hotel, and it looked very nice. Considering this is a business-focussed hotel, I can imagine it gets a lot of use. Breakfast is a buffet affair, while lunch and dinner are served in the á la carte restaurant. We, however, chose to eat lots of tasty grub from the Christmas markets, so didn’t try any of the food available in the hotel.

NH Köln City hotel room, with the spacious desk, large TV and hidden fridge. Any extras?
There is free Wi-Fi at this hotel, but we struggled to access anything while we were there, so if you need to be online during your stay I wouldn’t rely on the access here. If you are enjoying a city break and don’t need to be connected 24/7, then the fitness room, sauna and gym may be of more interest to you. There’s also a ton of business facilities at the hotel, but for a city break hotel these weren’t of much use for us.

Entrance hallway to the room, NH Köln City, Cologne. Wardrobe, safe and shoe cupboard, with hanging space too.Would I recommend this hotel?
The rooms are comfortable and if the price is right then yes I would. It’s not entirely central, but considering the city isn’t massive that isn’t an issue, and allows you to instead enjoy a stroll through the city. The room has everything you need for a comfortable break, and isn’t as far from key attractions as first appears.

The important stuff!
Hotel Website: http://www.nh-hotels.com/hotel/nh-koln-city
Official rating: 4 star
TripAdvisor rating: 4 out of 5

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