Postcard from…Oxford

There are many reasons why I love the city of Oxford in England – there’s a huge amount of history, the world-famous Oxford University and stunning architecture to see. I picked up a few postcards in Oxford, but this is one of my favourites because it shows the Hertford Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Sighs (because of it’s apparent likeness to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice). It’s a famous landmark in the city, and connects two buildings of the Hertford College.

When we visited Oxford, I didn’t really know about the bridge, and just took photos because I thought it looked cool and was really pretty. Watching people cross inside made me feel like it was something out of Harry Potter, as much of the city!

I feel like this postcard really shows just how stunning the city is!

Hertford College, Oxford_fotor



  1. March 26, 2015 / 2:31 pm

    Were you able to just go and walk around the college without being a student? Was it busy/ do a lot of people do that? It looks beautiful there!

    • Unfortunately we didn’t go in any of the buildings, just walked around and explored the city – there are so many pretty buildings! I think some of the places offer tours, but not sure about the main university buildings. It was fairly busy when we visited, but no more than a normal city 🙂

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