Postcard from…Checkpoint Charlie Museum

I hadn’t expected to get a postcard from the Checkpoint Charlie Museum that wasn’t of Checkpoint Charlie or the sign close by notifying people that they’re in the American sector.

Instead, I found this one. After we’d worked our way through the museum and had seen the personal side of the wall – the effect it had on people’s lives and their attempts at crossing it – I couldn’t resist buying this postcard of a soldier handing a rose to a lady on the other side of the wall. You can tell she’s on the Western side, as there is graffiti on the wall, and she’s able to be that close without getting shot at.

A soldier leaning down from the Berlin Wall to hand a rose to a lady This postcard may not always remind me of the Checkpoint Charlie museum, but it serves as a nice reminder that while something as horrible as the Berlin Wall had split the city in two, there were still people actually living their lives there.


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