Photo Friday: Chapel

I’m still reeling from my visit to the stunning St Albans Cathedral!

When I first entered the cathedral, I walked into the main area of worship (pews, altar, that kind of thing). As I made my way through, soaking up all the different aspects on offer, I found myself in Lady Chapel. Dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus, this small chapel absolutely caught my eye. It’s a stunning area of the church, and could in fact be a village church just by itself! Huge windows surround the whole area, and as such the sun shines through, giving the whole area a warm glow.

It was used as a school for over 300 years before being restored to a place of worship, and is now back to it’s full beauty as a chapel. If I ever manage to drag someone down the aisle, I’d absolutely love to get married in this chapel! Lady Chapel, St Albans Cathedral, dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus.

Have a lovely weekend!


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