Palma | Feasts, churches and road mazes! 

June 15, 2015

Palma | Feasts, churches and road mazes! 

June 15, 2015

Our second day in Palma started with a bang. Literally. As we went to leave our room, we couldn’t open the door. A quick call to the reception and they sorted it out with a hard shove to let us out before quickly fixing it.

Finally on our way, it was time to get some breakfast. Our first stop was Mercat de Santa Catalina where we had a look around before deciding on some bits from a bakery stall. There’s a gorgeous park just one road down, and as it was on the way to our next stop we decided to take a seat from our epic day so far (ha!) and enjoy our breakfast. As soon as we’d polished off our empanada and croissant we made our way to Santa Creu church. Tucked away in the maze of roads, it looked great from outside but was unfortunately closed so we couldn’t go in.   

Stunning park in Palma Continuing on, we navigated our way through the narrow streets and were nearly mowed down by a horse and carriage and a few cars before arriving at San Jamie church. We thought this church was also closed until about ten people poured out of it, a good sign if any! These charming neighbourhood churches don’t have the huge features that large churches have, and San Jamie was actually surprisingly dark. We waited for the last few people to leave before taking a few photos and having a look around.

The next stop on our list was La Rambla, the Palma version of the famous road in Barcelona. It’s not quite as impressive as the one in Barcelona, but I really didn’t expect it to be. There are still flower stalls, and plenty of seating to allow you to sit and soak up the ambience. Further down the road we made our way up a stupid amount of stairs towards Placa Mayor to see the artisan market there. Maybe ‘artisan market’ would be better, as there wasn’t a great deal in terms of market there, more just street performers and restaurants. I actually love the square, because it’s so pretty and I’d love one of the flats that surround it.  Artisan Market at Placa Major, Palma

The plan was to then carry on checking out the rest of the churches in the city, but somewhere along the way the rabbit run of side roads caught me out and we were totally lost. We had no real option but to walk until I could work out where we were. About 10 minutes later, I realised we’d gone completely the wrong way, but we went with it and just stopped for a bit of lunch after all the walking. At that point we realised how close to the cathedral we were, so decided to do the tour then instead of later.

I absolutely loved the cathedral, and the free audio guide was brilliant. You can easily spot the Gaudi influences and pieces in there, but it was totally different to whatever I might have been expecting. My camera got a real workout as I tried to snap everything I liked, which turned out to be everything.

There’s a lovely pond/lake outside the front of the cathedral that we wanted to walk through back to the hotel. But after walking for what felt like forever, we were still on top of the sea wall with no sign of a way down to the park. We decided to cut our losses and head back the way we’d come, at which point the pathway down to the lake became obvious. Better late than never, and we continued our walk alongside the water.  

Parc De  La Mar in front of Palma Cathedral Eventually back at the hotel, the pool was calling to us! After a quick change, and a quicker walk to the pool, it soon became evident that the sun disappears early from the pool area. Seeing as we’d already made the effort to go down, we pulled up a sunbed in the shade (a shadebed?) and chilled out with our books, before getting to ready to fill our bellies with yummy grub from the local Hard Rock Cafe.

All in all, a great day exploring Palma! The weather tomorrow is looking less than great, so we’ll be trying to find some thing we can do indoors. Fingers crossed we find something!

Our first day was just as fun, you can check it out here, or day 3 can be found here.

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