Majorca, Postcards, Spain

Postcard from…a Mallorcan farm? 

While I’m in Palma and checking out the sights, I’ve kept an eye out for some great postcards to add to my collection, and to also remind me of the great things I’ve seen. 

This postcard does neither – I haven’t seen any pigs and I don’t really need a reminder of what they look like. ‘So why buy the postcard?’ I hear you say. Well, this one won’t be staying in my collection, and is in fact for my nan who has some kind of crazy love of pigs. I just thought it was so totally adorable and so completely random that I just had to share it! 

Postcard of a pig with piglets from Mallorca I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to ask for a stamp, but as soon as I get one this postcard will be serving the purpose it was made for and flying back to England to share the cute little piglet love with my nan!


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