Palma | Public baths, palaces and even more churches! 

June 17, 2015

Palma | Public baths, palaces and even more churches! 

June 17, 2015

Yesterday was expected to be a washout – heavy showers, thunderstorms, the lot! But while the thunder rumbled in the hills, there was only the odd shower throughout the day, meaning we had a bonus day to explore that the weather forecast had originally written off.

Not wanting to push our luck, my boyfriend and I decided to tackle some indoor sights as much as we could. So when we finally got ourselves sorted and left for the city centre, we made our way for the Palace, opposite the cathedral.

After finding somewhere to grab a croissant for breakfast, we spotted a sign for the Arab Baths. We knew where they roughly were, but felt like it would be a good idea to follow the signs while we could see them and just head back to the palace later. We were literally led round the houses by the signs, but finally found the well-hidden Arab Baths. Totally not what we expected, but really interesting and worth the visit.  

One of the rooms in the Arab baths, tucked away in the maze of side streets in Palma, Majorca
Arab Baths

Finding our way back to the Palacio de la Almudaina, we bought our tickets and started the tour. We’d arrived in the second room when I spotted the no camera sign…noooo! The building is absolutely stunning and it pained me to not take photos! It used to be home to the Mallorcan King, but now is a holiday home option for the King of Spain, and the decor throughout varies quite a bit. There’s even a chapel on site!  

Courtyard of Palacio de la Almudaina, Palma
Courtyard of Palacio de la Almudaina. The chapel entrance can be seen on the left.

After a few hours of history, lunch time was looming. As we tried to find somewhere for a sandwich, we managed to find our way to the churches which eluded us the day before. They were all closed, but we managed to tick off Santa Eulalia, San Fransisco and San Jeroni churches, and after a bit of searching we also located the old Knights Templar church/temple. Then on to Montesion church, also closed, and Santa Clara convent which we just peeked at before continuing.  

One of the many churches in Palma - Santa Eulalia church, Palma
Santa Eulalia church, Palma

By this point, lunch was well overdue, so we decided to hit the cafe next to the cathedral for a spot of lunch. I was thinking ‘prime tourist spot, prime tourist prices’, but was in fact pleasantly surprised. It was about €18 for 2 baguettes, half a Spanish omelette and 2 drinks. While we could have saved money and picked up a take away sandwich, we really needed to sit down after all the walking. The only downfall was the inconsiderate man at the table next to us who chain smoked the entire time we were there. There was also a weird alarm that went off, and my mind went crazy – tsunami warning? security alert in the cathedral? Nope, just an alarm for the lift for the workers. Slight overreaction on my behalf…

After a big lunch, we decided it’d be the perfect time to treat ourselves to some macarons from a McCafe. Yep…they have cakes in McDonald’s! After picking up the macarons and a cookie, we enjoyed a walk along Av. Jamie, which looks like the high end shopping area.  

Macarons from McCafe
Macarons from McCafe

Back to the hotel, we tucked in to the macarons while chilling out for a couple of hours to rest our weary legs. Instead of venturing into Palma centre again for dinner, we decided to head out the other way. Restaurant upon restaurant looked bare, with a couple of tables occupied in each. None caught our eye, until we arrived at Piccola Italia, which was teeming with people. I’m going to do a separate post on the restaurant, because it was just that good!

Yet another great day in Palma, despite the odd rain shower!

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