Premier Inn Bedford South, Bedford

June 30, 2015

Premier Inn Bedford South, Bedford

June 30, 2015

There are pros and cons to staying with a huge hotel chain – you know that there’s a certain standard they need to maintain, but you don’t always get that personal touch that comes with smaller family-run hotels. So when I found out I was off a business trip with work (not as glamorous as it sounds…), I was looking forward to seeing where I was going to be staying.

Where would I find it?

I was working at Bedfordshire University for a couple of days, and needed to be close to the campus in Bedford, which itself is about an hour and a half north of London. While there is a Premier Inn actually in Bedford (it’s lovely, stay there if you can for the lovely surroundings!), it was unfortunately fully booked and so I was staying at the closest available Premier Inn in Kempston. Even though I grew up about half an hour from Bedford, I wasn’t entirely sure where Kempston was, but it’s a quick 10 minute drive from the town and was an ideal distance.

The Premier Inn itself is in an area currently being developed, with new houses popping up around it. Even with the work going on, I never heard a peep.

So the room was like…?

Modern, spacious and very comfortable. These are the three key words for hotels, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I first entered my room. I had a huge double bed with an impressive backboard complete with lights, a big mirror with surrounding lights (hello superstar!), TV on the wall, desk and a modern version of a chaise lounge.

The bathroom was simple, uncluttered and yet also very modern. The walk in shower was definitely appreciated, and the rain shower above was like heaven. Not helpful when I have to leave to go to work, but it was the nicest shower I’ve had in such a long time.
Premier Inn Bedford South room, with the bed, desk, and modern chaise lounge.


People are always stealing things from hotels – biscuits, robes, towels, etc. If I could have managed it, I would have taken the bed home with me. Not only was the mattress super comfortable, but the pillows were like clouds to rest my weary head on. My favourite thing about the bed though, strangely, is how high it is. I had to climb up on to the bed, but it definitely reduced the effort of getting out of bed.

Premier Inn Bedford South bathroom with amazing rain shower!

A girl’s got to eat!

Of all the Premier Inns I’ve seen, they all have a separate restaurant attached. Usually it’s a Beefeater, but this time it was a Brewers Fayre. Good food at a reasonable price, you can also take advantage of the meal deal offered and enjoy breakfast and dinner at a reduced price. I didn’t actually eat at the restaurant because I’m too lazy to wake up early enough for breakfast and I had other plans in the evening, but my colleague staying at the same hotel said the food was lovely. There are menus in the room to tempt you, and there is plenty of choice on there, for all mealtimes.

Any extras?

Free Wi-Fi, yay! As this hotel was built in the last few years, it’s still all shiny and new, which is lovely. The staff were so friendly, and each time I left or arrived they would say hello and ask me how my day was, which is a nice touch.

Premier Inn Bedford South bedroom with the entrance, wall art and artistic wardrobe.

As a young female staying in a hotel by myself, I always worry about safety. To get past the reception desk and access the rooms, you need to wave your room card in front of the door. Little things like that ease some worries I have, but I never once was concerned here. The windows also don’t open, so I had no crazy thoughts of someone climbing in. But don’t think the room was stuffy – there’s a super smart air con system that keeps the room at an optimum temperature.

Premier Inn also have a good night’s sleep guarantee – if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you get your money back. I’m sure there are some people who will try and say they didn’t sleep well, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine there are many people who don’t sleep well here.

Would I recommend this hotel?

Definitely! If Premier Inn introduced boutique hotels with spas or even just a swimming pool, I would actively seek to stay there. The beds are so comfortable I never want to go home, and the location of this particular Premier Inn was great for access into Bedford without the price tag of staying in Bedford.

The important stuff!

Hotel Website: Check it out here

TripAdvisor rating: 5 out of 5


  • kaybe610 July 1, 2015 at 7:40 am

    Excellent review… but then Premier Inn is an excellent hotel chain in my honest opinion. We have stayed quite a few times in one of their hotels across England and we were never ever disappointed ! Extremly friendly staff ! Great rooms, perfectly clean and the breakfast… well… don’t get me started on that !
    The price is also really good. When we stay there it’s mostly with my family of 5. The last time we spent only 98 GBP for us 5 (2 parents and 3 children of 18, 15 and 12) for 2 rooms and breakfast for us all.
    As it’s a hotel chain, you know the standards ! And at Premier Inn they’re pretty high for the price you pay 🙂

  • Amanda Afield July 1, 2015 at 8:07 am

    I too was impressed by premier inn. After staying at a few questionable family owned places it was kind of a relief to stay at a reliable chain hotel!

    • I always feel like I should stay in family run places to give back to the community and whatnot, but the standard of Premier Inn is just so high I can’t resist sometimes!

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