Taste of Palma: Street Art

When I was planning a trip Palma, images of sunshine, cocktails, tapas and amazing churches sprang to mind. Not once did it occur to me that there would be amazing sculptures dotted around the city. But the city is in fact brimming with loads of great sculptures around every corner, as well as other types of art like wall paintings, graffiti and astrological dials (like a sun dial, but for astrology…).

In fact, when I spotted the first few art pieces in the street, I didn’t realise just how many I would stumble upon!Street Art in Palma - Banksy style dog in glasses, two sculptures and a Loch Ness monster style wire installation.

I love the Banksy-style dog in glasses, and the water feature that makes me think of the Loch Ness monster.Street Art in Palma - Astrological Dial

There were a few different dial style sculptures around the city – some time dials, others astrological dials like this one. I tried to work it out, but had absolutely no luck!Street Art in Palma - Statue of a face

There was one of these fountains on each side of the stairs close to the Palace. Street Art in Palma - Upside down house

One of my favourites! No idea why, and I totally don’t understand what the sculpture means, but who doesn’t love a random upside down house. Street Art in Palma - sculptures, giant pigeons and mosaic wall

The giant pigeons were a bit scary…Street Art in Palma - Painting of a train on a wall

Street Art in Palma - Sculptures

Have you been to Palma and spotted any cool street art?


7 thoughts on “Taste of Palma: Street Art”

    1. Hi! Most of these were in the main centre of Palma, Placa de la Porta de Santa Catalina, Parc de la Mar, or on the walk along the main road from the cathedral to our hotel. The train was one I spotted down a side street along Carrer de Sant Jaume. If there are any others you’d like to see I can try and pinpoint those too 🙂


  1. I love street art! That upside down house is CRAZY! And also really like the tunnel train… I go snap happy walking the streets of Bandra, Mumbai with all its street art. Must post more on WP!! 😉


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