Berlin Welcome Card

July 14, 2015

Berlin Welcome Card

July 14, 2015

City breaks can be expensive, but thankfully there are plenty of ways to save a few pennies here and there. Many of the big cities offer some kind of pass or attraction card, which could save you money and hopefully a bit of hassle!

Berlin Welcome Card tickets and book.
Tickets from my first trip to Berlin in 2012.

Having been to Berlin twice, I opted both times to buy the Berlin Welcome Card. There are a number of card options available for different lengths and coverage, depending on your needs. I chose the 3 day (72 hour) card covering zones ABC, costing €27,50. While this may seem a bit pricey for a discount card, it also acts as a travel card so the savings add up.

A brief breakdown of the savings I made using this card:

  • I used the train several times a day, so would have benefitted from buying a daily travel card. This costs €6,70 a day, and being in the city for 3 days would have cost €20,10. Therefore, I only needed to save €7,50 to make the card worth it’s cost.
  • By opting for the ABC card instead of the AB card + a ticket from Schönefeld, I already saved €1 on the journey from the airport to the city centre. €6,50 left
  • €3,50 discount on the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. €3,00 left
  • €2,50 discount to The Wall – Asisi Panorama. €0,50 left

Pages of welcome card book

I stopped keeping track of the savings by the end of the first day, as it was clear to me that I was going to save more money than I’d spent on the card. Not only was it really convenient to have the guide book, free map and travel card, but the book given with the ticket lists all the places you’re able to take advantage of with a discount. These include sightseeing tours, guided, bike and boat tours, museums, attractions, restaurants, theatre and shops, among the many listed. It became second nature while we were in Berlin to check the book before going into somewhere, as chances are there’s a discount at that place. Pages of welcome card book

The ticket options are really flexible too – if you’d like to visit Potsdam, or are flying into Schönefeld, you can add that to your ticket. And you don’t have the hassle of having to try and buy a new train ticket each day.

Top Tips

  • You can buy the ticket at the airport or train station when you arrive.
  • Don’t forget to validate the ticket at the train station – you could get fined if caught having not done so!

For more information and to buy tickets, head to the website here

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