Photo Friday: Circular Church

Arriving in London early last week meant I had some time to kill before my lunch plans. Luckily, there is so much to do in London that I wasn’t left pondering my options for long. Initially, the plan was to take my new camera for a test run near St Paul’s, however on the way there I realised that there was a church I’d just heard about that I wanted to see, so jumped off the tube a stop early to explore.

Temple Church is steeped in history, and I strongly suspect it will have had an increase in visitors since Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code was published. I’ve walked past the street entrance many times, but unless you know it’s there you probably won’t ever spot it or stumble upon it. This time though, I was determined to hunt it out and see what the fuss was about.

While in the church, the Master of the Temple (the Reverend) gave a brief talk about the origins of the church, and how it came to have the circular nave. This isn’t a feature you often find in a church, but I loved that it was different and the meaning behind it, and couldn’t resist the photo op!

Circular nave of Temple Church in London.


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