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Starting the journey…

After posting my recent Travel Plan, I was so happy with the response! I was touched that people took the time to offer their advice, and I have definitely taken it all on board. While everything isn’t completely booked yet (or even planned!) I’ve got the first two stops locked down.

First things first, flying from London to Copenhagen. At the moment, this will hopefully be the only flight I have to take, navigating the remainder of the trip by train. My boyfriend and I have a hotel booked on the waterfront, and I’ve been looking into all that the city has to offer. So many things to see, so little time!

After a short stay in Copenhagen, we’re jumping on the train to Hamburg. There were two routes available to us: by land with a change over in Flensburg or with a short ferry crossing. While the latter was more expensive, this was a journey I was really keen to take – the train actually goes onto the ferry! How often do you get to take a train onto a ferry? So while we may be travelling on a budget, I’d rather spend a few pennies more and not have a takeaway one night at home so that we get the better (hopefully!) experience.

Hamburg accommodation is in the way of an apartment near Reeperbahn. I’ve got a feeling this is the party area of Hamburg, but we’re far enough away that it won’t bother us. It’s so difficult to judge a good area to stay when you’ve not visited somewhere before. All part of the fun I guess!

Next stop to book is Dresden, and then Prague!

Any suggestions of things I should absolutely not miss in any of these cities, let me know!


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