Postcard from…Brandenburg Gate History

October 22, 2015

Postcard from…Brandenburg Gate History

October 22, 2015

Located in the heart of Berlin, Brandenburg Gate is a major sight that millions flock to every year. It was originally built on the site of a city gate, and later was one of the main locations for the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

Due to its age, Brandenburg Gate is full of history, and there are plagues and information boards close by in and around Pariser Platz giving more information. But my favourite thing I spotted there was this postcard, which shows the history of the gate. It’s just a shame that the wider area isn’t also included, as the square one side of the gate has developed greatly.

Interestingly, when I spoke to my mum about Brandenburg Gate she remembers it very differently, having visited when the Berlin Wall was still standing. She pulled out a photo to show me what it was like when she had visited, and it blew my mind. When I visited, there were people milling about everywhere, a huge Christmas tree in the centre of the square and (on my latest visit) selfie sticks everywhere. When she had visited, it looked much like the bottom left photo, with hardly anyone about and people not being able to walk through the arches.

That’s one of the reasons I like this postcard so much, because it shows the history of Berlin, albeit for just one landmark.Postcard from...Brandenburg Gate, with shots through the years.

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