Postcard from…Temple Church

I made my way into London last month for a family gathering, and found that not only was London hosting ‘Open London’, an event allowing the public into usually private places, but also that Temple Church was part of the event.

I’d been wanting to visit the church for quite a while, and I was super lucky that the day I decide to pop by is the same day it (and the surrounding law courts) are open for the public to see. I was actually early and the rest of the family were running late, so I made good use of the spare time I had to explore the church and law courts. The church is absolutely stunning, and the circular nave is a distinctive feature not seen in many churches. So of course I had to pick up a postcard of it!
Postcard of the inside of Temple Church, London

You can check out my Open London experience here. Have you picked up any cool postcards or souvenirs recently?


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