Postcard from…Temple Church

November 7, 2015

Postcard from…Temple Church

November 7, 2015

As if the inside of the church isn’t stunning enough, the outside of Temple Church is just as interesting to look at! The level of detail on this hidden London church isn’t on the same level as Sagrada Familia or Notre Dame, but it’s the modesty and simplicity that make it so pretty.

I had to pick up this postcard, because it shows one of my favourite features of this church – the circular nave. This isn’t something I’ve seen before on a church, and I love how it fits so well with the rest of the church.

Postcard of the outside of Temple Church, London, with the circular nave in the background and courtyard statue in front.

If I hadn’t actually been to the church and just saw this postcard, I would not have thought it’d be an English church. Maybe it’s the blue skies and lack of rain…

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