Temple Church, London

November 11, 2015

Temple Church, London

November 11, 2015

Just in case I hadn’t already mentioned it – I love this church. I’ve shared the postcards I picked up while there and I wrote about how I ended up being able to see this church. It may not be on the same level of grandeur as Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey and Sagrada Famillia, but Temple Church is the right balance between history, architecture and pretty. Yes, pretty is a category.

There’s a ton of history to Temple Church, and as I previously mentioned, I was lucky enough to time my visit to coincide with a talk from the Master of the Temple. He gave a brief history to the church, including how the Knights Templar built it to a similar style to the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem way back in the 1100s and how it was the base for the Knights Templar. There is so much history, including that of the Knights Templar, that it’s just too much for one blog post. As I sat and listened to the talk, I soon realised how much the Knights Templar have actually influenced the modern day.

After I’d sat and listened to the talk, I continued exploring the church. I was able to see the famous circular nave, the knights effigies and the area surrounding the church, including the Master of the Temple’s gardens.

Entrance to Temple ChurchMasters House, Temple Church  Organ, Temple ChurchStreet light, London

Inside Temple Church Nave, Temple ChurchKnight effigies, Temple ChurchWindows Temple Church DSC00359_fotor Temple Church

Top Tips

  •  Check out a brief history of the Knights Templar before visiting the church, it’ll make it much more interesting.
  • Entrance fee for visitors is £5, but if you are just wishing to join a service you can enter for free (though may not be able to see the circular nave).
  • You can find the church just off Fleet Street, London.

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