Trains, ferries and automobiles…

December 15, 2015

Trains, ferries and automobiles…

December 15, 2015

The third day of our mini-Europe adventure started early as we had a train to catch to Hamburg! After the difficulty I’d had with my backpack on the first day, added to the distance from our hotel to Copenhagen central station, we decided to jump in a taxi. Quick, efficient, and way less stressful.Copenhagen sunrise, Denmark

Although the weather had been a bit rubbish during our time in Copenhagen, as luck would have it the skies were clear and sunny as we left the city. At least it meant I’d be able to check out the scenery as we sat on the train!

View from the train as we crossed the water in Denmark
We crossed a bridge…in a train!

The journey to Hamburg is supposed to be about 4 1/2 hours, with the train actually boarding the ferry to cross over to Germany. This was the mean reason we’d booked this ride, instead of the slightly cheaper option which took the overland option. Unfortunately, as we got closer to the ferry port, an announcement came over the tannoy saying we’d have to get off the train and board the ferry by foot. Bit gutted, but I still got to ride the ferry! As soon as we were on board I went straight outside – fresh sea air and great views, why wouldn’t I? The smell for one reason. A lorry full of sheep had boarded, and the entire right side of the boat stank of farm, and farm-related smells…

A short ride on the ferry took us to Germany, where another train was waiting for us to continue the journey to Hamburg. Once we were safely in Hamburg, we had a bit of trouble finding where to get a ticket for the S-Bahn. Eventually the ticket office jumped out at us, and the lady behind the desk was kind enough to let us know we didn’t even need a ticket! Apparently, because our journey to Hamburg had been over a certain distance, the ticket for that journey covered us for our onwards journey to our hotel. Woop!

Short walk from the S-Bahn station and we were at the apartment that would be home for the next couple of nights. The guy behind the desk was super friendly, and told us we’d been given a free upgrade! All checked in to our super snazzy one-bedroom apartment, we went off exploring for what time we could that day. Our time in Hamburg was short, so we wanted to make the most of it.

signs for the sex shows at the Christmas market in Hamburg, Germany¬†As the apartment was close to Reeperbahn, which we’d heard was ‘the strip’ in Hamburg, we thought we’d have a look around there first. We also found our first German Christmas market there, and had been told by the receptionist that it was adults only. I wasn’t sure why you’d need to exclude kids from a market until I actually visited. Let’s just say they are very inventive with how you can make sex toys Christmassy, and there’s also a porn show. At a Christmas market. Not ever two things I’d have put together, but it was fairly busy so they must be doing something right.

It had been a long day, and we didn’t get much further than the Reeperbahn, so called it a night to head back and make ourselves some dinner in the apartment. We hadn’t really had any downtime since the weekend before, as we’d finished work on Friday and flown to Copenhagen Saturday morning, so it was really nice to chill for a bit in front of the tv with dinner. Early night for our next day exploring the city!

Day one of the trip can be found here, and day two is here. The next day was also fun, check it out here!

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