Hamburg | Churches, Miniature cities and Christmas!

December 16, 2015

Hamburg | Churches, Miniature cities and Christmas!

December 16, 2015

Our apartment in Hamburg didn’t have any Wi-Fi, which actually turned out to be good for us as we didn’t waste time in the morning checking social media and instead just got up and headed out to see what Hamburg was about.

The first stop of the day was St Michael’s church, which was just a stones throw from the apartment. We opted for a joint tower and crypt ticket, before heading straight for the tower. This is the first time we’ve visited somewhere like this where there has been a lift. Too tempted, I opted for the lift while my boyfriend trekked 70-odd metres up the stairs. Meeting at the top, the views were absolutely stunning and the fog from the night before had lifted, meaning we could see for miles. Back down the stairs, a visit to the main church was next. Panoramic view of the river, Hamburg, Germany

I like to sit in a church to get a real feel for it, and also to be able to look up without falling over. However, we may have been sat just a bit too long as a church service started. We looked around to see if we could nip out the door before it got too far in, but the doors had all been roped off to stop the tourists coming in. Fortunately, a young family left early in the service, and we just followed them out, before heading into the crypt. Low ceilings and eeriness all seen, the church tour was done and it was on to Miniatur Wunderland.

Crypt of St Michael's Church, Hamburg I’d heard great things about Miniatur Wunderland from fellow blogger That Emily, and knew I had to visit while in the city. Thinking we’d spend maybe an hour in there, we were actually there for about 3 hours, and I hit a new high score for number of photos taken in a day. The level of detail in there was insane, and it was worth every cent and minute we were there. By the time we got out, the sun was starting to set and we made our way for the shopping area.

Airport section of Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg One of the downsides of visiting such pretty and interesting places was that my memory card couldn’t keep up, and I needed to buy another card to use later in the trip. As we eventually found our way to the shopping area, we stumbled upon another cool church where the choir were practicing. Of course we had to stop in, and I felt so festive listening to the songs!

Candles in Hamburg church Now was the time for the epic Christmas market-a-thon. We unintentionally started with the market surrounding the church we’d just visited, before heading toward the waterfront for what the hotel receptionist had described as ‘Hamburg’s prettiest market’. Pretty it was indeed, and we spotted a few things we’d not seen before at a Christmas market. Quick stop in the Apple store to see if we could benefit from the exchange rate, before moving on to the main player of Hamburg Christmas markets by the Town Hall.

On the hour, every other hour, Santa rides his sleigh across the top of the market. We’d timed it so well that by the time we’d reached the middle of the market Santa was just starting to fly over the market. The looks on all the children’s faces was so cute, and he stopped for a little chat halfway, telling everyone about his reindeer. Santa in his sleigh flying over a Christmas market in Hamburg, Germany

The market itself is quite big, which also meant a lot of crowds. We had a look around, before grabbing some nuts, gingerbread and dinner and heading back to the apartment. Although we’d only been gone for 4 days now, there were still nearly 2 weeks to go of the trip. And travelling with a backpack meant there were only so many clothes we could fit in, and as there was a washing machine in the apartment it felt like a great time to refresh our clothes while we had the chance. Especially in an actual washing machine rather than a handwash in a sink!

Tomorrow was going to be busy, so once the household chores were done, we packed what we could and turned in ready for another early-ish start.

Our trip started in Copenhagen, or see how we got to Hamburg here


  • kaybe610 December 16, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    looks so cosy at christmastime!

  • valentinaquarta February 5, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    beautiful blog!

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