Speedy tour of Dresden!

December 20, 2015

Speedy tour of Dresden!

December 20, 2015

An early morning search for a croissant is my second favourite way to start the day (first is to have said croissant brought to me). The search led us to a McCafe, a concept that will never wear thin until we have them in England. Breakfast sorted, we were ready to get exploring Dresden! Frauenkirche, Dresden, Germany

First stop of the day was Frauenkirche, a church just steps from our hotel. After a quick look in the church itself, we headed straight for the tower to check out the panoramic views of the city. Instead of steps all the way, or a lift straight to the top, this church offers a nice mix of the two. A lift took us to the dome, where a slope led to a very steep staircase, which in turn took us to a spiral staircase which then led to the viewing platform. The views from the top of the church were amazing, and it was a clear, sunny day too so we could see for miles. After taking one or two (maybe slightly more…) photos, I had to swap over memory cards and get to filling the new one, so we made our way down to the square below to continue exploring.

Famous mosaic wall, Dresden Although there was a map of the city in my pocket, I like to just walk in a general direction and see what is around. This has led to some great finds, and this time was no different. While up the tower we’d spotted a Christmas market inside the walls of a building. Off we went in that direction, and found a medieval-themed Christmas market. A band played old music – medieval style not just 90’s hits – and everyone was dressed up in costume. This market is one of my favourites yet!

Once we’d had our fill of that market, we made our way to the new town on the other side of the river. The map showed some cool things there, and our first stop was an ‘outdoor living room’. After walking through a lovely Christmas market near the river, the rest of the walk was pretty much down a long road that felt a bit run down. As we neared the halfway mark, I pulled the map out to make sure we were actually going the right way. And it was at that point that I read the rest of the description for the place we were heading to – turns out it’s just a park where people hang out, and they called it an outdoor living room because of it. Ugh, we trekked all that way to see a park. I can see that any day!  IMG_4152-0

As we were nearly there, we carried on to find that it was in fact just a park, so turned back and looked to see if we could make the long trek worth it. And luckily, we spotted Kunsthofpassage, which is a couple of small courtyards that are quite arty. In the second courtyard there are a couple of houses with metal pieces on the side, and when it rains it makes music. I wished for about half a second that it’d rain so we could hear it, then continued on my way on the beautifully sunny day.

By this point in the day, the search for a toilet was again underway. It led us to a really cool market that seemed to sell everything from food, to household goods, and everything in between. We had a bit of a nose around before heading back to the old town to do some window shopping in the shopping centre.
 The plan for the evening was the reason we’d actually come to Dresden – visit the oldest Christmas market in Germany. We’d passed it a few times on our way to other things, but had purposefully avoided going in there so we’d be able to check it out in the evening. As it turns out, it was bitterly cold, so we stopped back in at the apartment to freshen up and defrost before heading back out to visit the market.DSC02458_

We finally managed to see everything and take some photos after about an hour, so we grabbed a bite to eat for dinner and wandered back to the apartment as we were already frozen again. Although we’d only had one proper day in Dresden, we both loved it and it has found it’s place near the top of our favourite cities list!


  • theitinerary1 December 20, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    very artist buildings! is that England or France?

  • meep380 December 20, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Awesome post!

  • Jess Carey December 20, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    The medieval Christmas market sounds amazing!! I’d LOVE to visit that! What a great find, you were lucky to stumble on that!

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