London Lumiere

January 17, 2016

London Lumiere

January 17, 2016

The light festival has come to London!

After trying to find a way to make it to Amsterdam’s light festival, I was thrilled to find out that London was hosting it’s own light festival. After wanting to see Amsterdam’s for so long, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit one right on my doorstep.

So last night my boyfriend and I ventured into the centre of London to see what the Lumiere festival had to offer. As we were driving, we were aware that there were a few road closures, so parked up near Berkeley Square, indulged in a bit of house envy before walking to Piccadilly to the first point on the map.

London Lumiere, PiccadillyThe main road of Piccadilly was thankfully closed to traffic, and the first thing we came upon (other than the crowds!), was a video being projected on one of the buildings. Music filled the street as famous faces made an appearance on the wall. I love this kind of thing, so a great start!

As we carried on down Piccadilly towards the tube station, we spotted these floating…fish? They bopped up and down with the soothing music, and the lights slowly changed colours.

London Lumiere, Piccadilly

London Lumiere, PiccadillyOnwards to Trafalgar Square, where there were two points to visit. The first was a lit up sign, and the other was one of the fountains filled with plastic bottles.

London Lumiere, Trafalgar Square

London Lumiere, Trafalgar SquareWe made our way through the throngs of people towards Charing Cross Station, with a little detour to Downing Street so I could see where Mr Cameron lives. There’s a light installation close to Charing Cross we intended to see, but the crowds meant that we’d have had to wait a fair while before we’d see anything. While we were waiting I saw on someones camera what it was, and decided that it was enough for me, and we moved on to Leicester Square to walk through the garden of light.

London Lumiere, Leicester Square

London Lumiere, Leicester SquareI really liked the lights in Leicester Square, and had started to forget about the sheer number of people that were also jostling through. But then, typically British, it started to rain. Add that to the crowds and I’d had enough. Deciding to call it a night and makeĀ our way back to the car, we tried to bypass the crowds by heading along Carnaby Street, instead finding another light installation and a super cool eating area (which we’ll be revisiting!).

Along Regents Street and past another light installation, where stick men were jumping all over a building, and we finally made it back to the car. There were two other areas of light installations that we didn’t visit, and if it’s back again next year I won’t be visiting on a Saturday night – such a rookie error!

London Lumiere is still open for one more night, so if you’re in the city this evening then check it out and let me know what you think!

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