Wrapping things up in Prague!

January 20, 2016

Wrapping things up in Prague!

January 20, 2016
Old Town Hall Christmas market, Prague
Where’s Wally? Hint…in the white hat…

The joys of staying so close to the Old Town Hall meant it was a great excuse to wander through the Christmas market there each day. Although we’d attempted to have a good look at what was on offer the night before, the crowds got the best of us. So we were back to peruse the stalls on a dreary Sunday morning. I also got one of my favourite photos from Prague at that market!

Breakfast in Prague

Come 12 o’clock (it was a late start…) we joined the masses to watch the astronomical clock do its thing, which it turns out isn’t that much. I was a bit disappointed, as I’d thought from the crowds that it was going to be amazing. Never mind, we’d ticked that off our to-see list for Prague, and made our way back to the Jewish sector to check out a couple more Jewish synagogues.Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall, Prague

First stop was the Old-New Synagogue, so called because it was the New Synagogue until they built another one, at which point it became the Old-New Synagogue. Creative naming I think you’ll agree. This was actually one of my favourite synagogues we visited, as it was the first one that hasn’t been changed into a museum. Full of interest for all things Jewish, we made our way to the Spanish Synagogue.Ceiling in the Spanish Synagogue, Prague

Detail of Spanish Synagogue

The level of detail in the Spanish Synagogue was immense, and I found myself staring like a crazy person at the walls and the columns, each intricately decorated with such skill it looked like wallpaper. After several photos, we called time on our Jewish explorations and stepped out into the rain for a soaked walk along the river.

Charles Bridge is one of the sights to see in Prague, but walking along the bridge itself doesn’t allow you to fully appreciate the larger features. We decided that we’d walk across the next bridge along, so that we could stop and see Charles Bridge in all it’s glory. It’s just a shame it was raining so hard, because I could have got some great photos!

Back to the castle side of the river, we had a choice – visit Lennon Wall or make use of the 2-day ticket to the castle and nip back to see the things we’d run out of time for the day before. The huge hill and rain went in favour of Lennon Wall, and we traipsed through the side roads trying to work out the way without soaking the map. We stumbled upon an alleyway so narrow there are green and red lights to let you know when it’s ok to walk. I got totally papped by someone as I walked out, though I suspect I actually just posed as a model for how narrow the alleyway is. Could have asked!

Narrow passageway in Prague

Lennon Wall, Prague

After a fair bit of searching, we found the wall, took a few snaps and made our way for some shelter from the dreary weather. Among the number of food outlets by Charles Bridge, there’s one place that caught my eye – Good Food, which sells chimney strudels. Intrigued and hungry, we stopped by for a quick snack. While we didn’t get the intended chimney strudels, we did have an interesting strudel calzone and a yummy croissant. As we took our seats in the cosy shop, we watched in wonder as the lady behind the counter switched between a number of languages and bopped about with the kind of energy most people only manage for about 10 minutes. If you’re in Prague, I’d recommend stopping by Good Food just to meet Anna – 5 minutes in her presence and you’ll be fully refreshed!

Not wanting to spend the entire afternoon in the shop, we chucked our damp coats back on and ventured in the direction of St Wencelas Square. A bit of window shopping later, we treated ourselves to a couple of new tops – how did they fit in our backpacks?! – and wandered along the square to the statue. Not ones to miss a bit of history, we flicked through the Lonely Planet guide to find out some interesting facts before admitting defeat and heading back to the hotel to rest before finding dinner.Statue in St Wencelas Square, Prague

Naturally we had to stop en route to find some postcards for my collection, and because they were so cheap I bought quite a few. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy for my boyfriend to find a magnet he liked to join his collection. Yes, magnets are sold everywhere. I even saw a whole shop that sold only magnets! Still not enough choice apparently, and it was only as we neared the hotel that he settled for a magnet he didn’t hate. Boys are so fussy!

Our plan for the evening was to sample the local delicacies, and I had my eye on a yummy goulash somewhere. And while plans are great, we just couldn’t be bothered to move, so decided to just nip to the Christmas market to pick up some dinner before calling it a night and packing for our early morning train to Vienna the next day.

Prague, it was fun, and we will be back!


  • sprinkleofhappy January 21, 2016 at 7:53 am

    The Lennon wall was surpringly hard to find! A nice walking adventure though.

  • Chelsea Davis February 12, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    I’ve heard Prague is so much fun- and judging by this post it seems like an amazing place to visit! Def on my bucket list 🙂

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