Next stop: Innsbruck

February 7, 2016
View from the train window of the Alps, Innsbruck, Austria

Next stop: Innsbruck

February 7, 2016

Early would be an understatement.

I wasn’t sure whether a 6.30am train would be a good idea, but after a few people said it’d be worth it to get to Innsbruck early, I went ahead and booked it. To say I was regretting it when I had to get up at 5am to get ready in time doesn’t quite cover it.

We made the train, only after having to jump in a taxi to the train station. A bit of confusion followed over which carriage we needed to be in, before we took the seats we thought were ours. On our way, it struck me why a 6.30am train wasn’t such a great idea, other than the time – the view. Pitch black. Couldn’t see a thing. I know the train is just the way to get us from one city to another, but I like to see the scenery as we go past. Thankfully about 8am the sun started to break through and I could finally just sit and stare out of the window for the next couple of hours.

View from the train window of the Alps, Innsbruck, Austria
First glimpse of the Alps!

We passed by Salzburg and on to Innsbruck, where it was a short 10 minute walk from the station to drop our stuff at the hotel. Not wanting to waste any time we had in the city as we were leaving for Munich the next night, we were straight out to explore. Unfortunately the weather had different ideas, and proceeded to chuck it down with rain. Fab.

We perservered as much as possible, looking around the shops and making the most of the walkways under cover, but it soon got too much and we decided to just find somewhere for lunch and wait it out until either the rain stopped or we could head back and check in at the hotel.

One thing to note about Innsbruck is the lack of card machines. For some crazy reason, a number of places we visited only accepted cash. As I set off ordering lunch, I thought it best to check that we could pay by card when I realised the €20 cash we had left might only just cover what I’d ordered. No card payments, but luckily the spare change floating around in my bag covered the shortfall, and we settled in with a coffee and sarnie before dashing back to the hotel in the rain to check in and chill out for a bit.

Turns out there’s not a great deal to do in Innsbruck when it’s raining, but as the hotel we were staying in was so cool, we decided to take the afternoon as the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries after the madness of the last 10 days. And chill we most definitely did. With only a mad rush to find somewhere offering take out food before it all closed super early (these crazy small cities!), we had the most chilled afternoon yet, ready for the next day to explore a hopefully drier city!



  • Amanda Afield February 8, 2016 at 7:11 am

    I just left Innsbruck yesterday, such a beautiful city! I agree about the card machines, and legitimate looking cash machines were hard to come by as well!

  • lizzysprettythings February 10, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    Just come over to check it out, it sounds and looks amazing! xx

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