Munich | Hidden Churches, Crowds And Strange Souvenirs

February 12, 2016

Munich | Hidden Churches, Crowds And Strange Souvenirs

February 12, 2016

For our last full day of our mini-Europe adventure, I wanted to make the most of being in Munich. Starting the day with hopes of visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, or venturing out to Dachau to visit a concentration camp, it soon became clear that this wasn’t going to happen.

I was so run down from two weeks of constant on the go sightseeing that I felt terrible. In fact, I was happy to just stay in the room and sleep. Thankfully (in hindsight…) my boyfriend wasn’t going to let that happen, and dragged me out to see the sights a bit closer to the hotel.

The first stop of the day was brunch in the Galeria we’d found yesterday. Only difference being that today was Saturday, and being the last Saturday before Christmas meant there were crowds galore. Taking refuge on our way to the Galeria, we stopped in at a church on the main high street, that isn’t really obvious that it is in fact a church. I was still moaning a bit that I wanted to stay in bed, but the second we walked in I knew I was glad I’d basically been forced to get out and about.Church in Munich, Germany

The church was so big there was an upstairs and a downstairs. Upstairs was the fancy church with the huge impressive paintings, and downstairs was a more intimate chapel that would probably be my preference for sunday services, or general prayers. And it just so happens that there is another church just a few minutes walk from there, that was even better than the first. We took a seat to soak up the atmosphere here after exploring the museum/crypt, and just after we’d taken our seats the choir began to sing. It was honestly such a lovely sound!Choir singing in a Munich Church, Germany

Leaving the churches behind, we battled through the throngs of people, had a quick bite for brunch and made our way back through the crowds to the New Town Hall where we’d heard there was a panoramic tower.

Although we’d been to the town hall yesterday, we hadn’t seen any signs for a viewing platform of any kind, but as it turns out we’d walked straight past the lift to take you up. And I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed it, because once I did I loved it! How often do you get to see something so modern and something so old side by side?A modern lift in an old building, surrounded by stonework

Anyway, once we’d caught the lift up we popped out in the ticket office, where another lift took us to the viewing platform. I really do appreciate these places with lifts, I am not a fan of climbing hundreds of steps, even if the views are worth it! Although the viewing area is quite small at the top, we had a bit of a wander round and tried to see what we could recognise on the super sunny day before making our way back to ground level.Panoramic view of Munich, Germany, on a sunny day

Panoramic of Munich, Germany, on a sunny day, with Frauenkirche in the foreground

We’d not really looked round much of the Christmas markets yesterday, instead just passing through them on our way to other things. That meant today was going to be Christmas market overload! We started with the market outside the front of the town hall, and were searching for some bits we’d seen at other Christmas markets. We’d not wanted to get them at the time, thinking it’d be harder work to carry them around with us to the different cities. Unfortunately, we had no luck finding any of bits we wanted, so I guess we’ll just have to go back to the other cities this year…

As we neared the edge of the Christmas market, we spotted a church that looked impressive. Never ones to turn down a look inside a church, we ventured in and were again surprised at how different it was to all the other churches we’ve visited. Although they all have similar features, they’re all still so different, and that’s probably the reason we go in so many when we’re not even religious.Munich Christmas market at dusk

Passing by another Christmas market with what I thought were succulent roast ham baguettes (they were fish…ew), we found ourselves on the main shopping street where we got all of our shopping done before hometime tomorrow. Usually we just pick out a few postcards and a magnet, but as this was our last stop before home, we also stocked up on the German groceries you can’t find at home – gravy, gingerbread, potato mixes, etc.

Finally heading back to the hotel, we’d timed it really well to catch the clock show at the New Town Hall. As we waited, we saw the crowds growing – a good sign if any that we were in the right place at the right time. And yet, nothing happened. We, along with everyone else, waited 10-15 minutes past the hour, but there was no sign of the glockenspiel as the clock chimed on the hour.Munich Christmas market at night, Germany

Not sure what had happened there, but it was finally time to head back to the hotel. Grabbing our last bratwurst and bags of nuts of the trip from the Christmas market, we also managed to get hold of a couple of star lights, which I’ve wanted for years! And now the only challenge was to get everything in our bags, ready for our journey home tomorrow.



  • Jess Carey February 15, 2016 at 12:28 am

    Your photos are giving me massive travel envy!!! They’re so gorgeous!

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