Hotel Review, Innsbruck

Nala Individuel Hotel, Innsbruck

Tucked away in the Alps, Innsbruck is a small Austrian city that just oozes charm. You can’t go far wrong wherever your hotel is, as it’s easy enough to walk most of the city centre.


Nala Individual Hotel is conveniently located 5 minutes’ walk from the city centre, and a 5-10 minute walk from the train station. I was initally concerned that I’d booked a hotel too far from the city centre, but as the city is so compact this place actually has a good balance of close enough to the sights but far enough away that it’s a bit quieter too.


Small, but perfectly formed. I’ve stayed in much bigger rooms that felt as though they were smaller and way more cramped. Thanks to the stylish design features in the rooms at Nala, the space is so well used that it doesn’t feel small or cramped. The rooms have all the essentials, plus a few snazzy extras!DSC02952_fotorDSC02963_Fotor

Although the rooms all look to be different (thanks TripAdvisor…), the room I was lucky enough to spend the night had a double bed, TV, coffee machine, safe and super cool sliding wall that separated the wash areas. Essentially, there were two small rooms at the end of the room, and you slid the section of wall to act as a door when needed. So cool!DSC02959_fotor

That being said, I do tend to hold a bathroom to high standards in hotels, and I was certainly not disappointed here. The toilet and shower were in one little section, with the sink, mirror and other vanity bits in the other section. If I had space at home, I’d totally have the same setup there too.


So comfortable I barely wanted to get up to go exploring! My room actually had a double bed, which is unusual for European hotels, but there were still two single duvets which I love. Each side of the bed there was a stylish bedside table and buttons to control the various lighting options, and the blackout blind for the balcony door.DSC02951_fotor


The restaurant downstairs looked warm and welcoming, but we didn’t opt for the breakfast so can’t comment on the food. There are a few restaurants in the area for dinner, but with the city centre so close by you won’t struggle for choice.

Any extras?

I feel like staying here is more than just a hotel stay – the grounds are inviting, relaxing and just as stylish as the rest of the hotel. From the funky moose head that hangs above the stairs, to the chill out areas and gym in the basement, this place has the perfect balance between chic boutique and welcoming and friendly.DSC02967_FotorDSC02965_Fotor

The staff were super friendly, we were able to leave our bags with them before checking in and after checking out, and they gave us an adorable little bag of chocolates when we checked out. It really is the little touches that make a place fantastic!DSC03178_Fotor

Would I recommend this hotel?

Without a second thought! There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this place, other than the fact that we had to leave! It was actually so good that we spent a whole afternoon and evening relaxing in the hotel rather than be out exploring the city.DSC02971_Fotor

The important stuff!

Hotel Website:

Official rating: 4 stars

TripAdvisor rating: 4.5 out of 5


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