The Round Tower, Copenhagen

Round Tower, Copenhagen

Built in the 17th century, this still-functioning observatory offers amazing views over Copenhagen. While most buildings which offer panoramic views of a city have hundreds of steps to tackle, or a sneaky lift to the top, the Round Tower – Rundetaarn in Danish – is just a winding slope to the top.Interior shot of the slope inside the Round Tower, Copenhagen

Circling the central column 7 and a half times can be quite tiring, but there are places to stop on the way up to take a break. A small museum (only a few exhibits) and restrooms are the first stop, with more benches offering a break further up. It’s interesting to stop every now and then to peek out of the windows, but the most interesting thing was the glass shelf in the central column.Glass shelf of the Round Tower, CopenhagenWhen you near the top of the slope, there’s an archway in the column that allows you to take the few steps to the centre of the building. The glass shelf stops you plummeting the 25 metres! to the bottom, and you’re also able to stand on the shelf if you so wish. I didn’t initially realise that you could stand on the shelf, so I teetered carefully trying to take a photo which showed just how far down the drop was. This alone scared the life out of me, convinced I’d lose my balance and fall through the glass and down however many stories. It was only when I was coming back down the slope that I saw two people standing on it, yes…two!, and I realised the real attraction behind it.

Standing on the glass shelf in the Round Tower, Copenhagen
Never has a smile been so forced! I was mentally preparing myself for the glass to crack…

Strongly encouraged by my boyfriend, I took a tentative step onto the glass shelf and looked for something to hold on to, as I was absolutely convinced that would be the exact second the glass shattered. There was nothing. It absolutely scared the life out of me, and I’m sure my mum appreciated the text just hours after I’d left England telling her I’d nearly died. And no, I still don’t think I was overreacting…View from the Round Tower, Copenhagen

The main attraction of visiting the Round Tower is the amazing view afforded from the rooftop. After winding your way to the top of the building, a few steps lead you outside to the terrace which wraps around the observatory, giving 360 degree views of Copenhagen. Even when the weather is less than desirable, the views are still amazing.Panoramic view from the Round Tower, Copenhagen

Bear in mind it can be get a bit windy up there…

Wind at the top of the Round Tower, Copenhagen

Top Tips

  • If you’re super fit, stay close to the centre for the steepest but shortest route. If you’re more like me, the outside of the slope offers a marginally longer walk but is a more thigh-friendly incline.
  • Entry is 25DKK (about £2.50) or free if you have the Copenhagen Card.
  • Copenhagen is very walkable, so you can easily walk here from another attraction such as Torvehallerne, Rosenburg Castle or the main shopping district.
  • Hold on to your hat while up there!


You can read more about my time in Copenhagen here.


10 thoughts on “The Round Tower, Copenhagen”

  1. Incredible!! Copenhagen is one of my top of the list destinations in Europe that I want to visit! I have heard it’s one of the most stunning places to visit in Winter too 🙂


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