8 Views You Won’t Get From Flying

June 9, 2017

8 Views You Won’t Get From Flying

June 9, 2017

Europe is home to some of the most amazing and most-visited cities in the world. It’s a checklist of stunning architecture, thousands of years of history, high-end fashion, world-famous landmarks, luxury and anything else you could ever want from a city.

For many, flying is the easiest way to get from A to B, whether that’s from home to a city break or between different cities in Europe. But do you really need to fly if you’re visiting more than one city? As someone who isn’t a fan of flying, I take every opportunity to travel by train and especially love city-hopping in Europe, using trains to travel between the cities. Not only is it easier than flying, sometimes quicker, cheaper and much more comfortable, but the views are absolutely breathtaking.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a fair few hours whizzing through the countryside of various European countries. I’ve seen the parts of countries you don’t usually see on a city break, and actually look forward to the train journey because I just know the scenery is going to be stunning!

In my endless quest to share my love of European train travel, here are my top eight views you won’t get from flying across Europe:

European train travel views - Verona - Munich

Both the above and below photos were taken on the best train journey I’ve had yet – 5 and a half hours from Verona to Munich. I have a real soft spot for mountains, and paired with the gorgeous blue skies, these were my favourites in Northern Italy.

European train travel views - Verona to Munich

European train travel views - Verona - Munich

A couple more from the same train journey, the above photo was taken just as we’d crossed into Germany. After spending the whole journey with gorgeous blue skies as a backdrop to the amazing scenery, our welcome to Germany was this cloud which quickly engulfed us and gave us our first taste of winter. European train travel viewsEuropean train travel views

The journey from Venice to Verona (above) is only about an hour, and although there aren’t really any super dramatic views, it’s still interesting to pass through the small villages and towns and just see what Italy looks like away from the tourist areas.

The photo below is during a journey from Dresden to Prague. This area of Germany is absolutely stunning, and I had to take this photo even though the window was crazy levels of dirty and I had to lean over a few strangers. We followed a river for a large portion of the journey, passing through stunning villages with the traditional German-style buildings I expected to find all over the country. European train travel views - Dresden to PragueView from the train window of the Alps, Innsbruck, Austria

I’ve always loved mountains, and the above was my first sight of the Alps as we crossed from Vienna to Innsbruck. I’d booked an early train to make the most of the time in Innsbruck, but had forgotten that it would mean it’d be dark outside and I wouldn’t be able to see anything. As I neared Innsbruck, the sun broke through the clouds and I was greeted with the stunning sight of the mountains. Absolutely amazing!

The below is from another early morning train, from Prague to Vienna. The haze is the morning dew rising from the fields as the sun was rising, and although it was pretty flat for most of the journey, these views made it worthwhile for getting up so early!European train travel views

I can’t wait to explore more of the planet by train to see if the views in other countries and continents are just as amazing! If you’re planning a trip across Europe, check out my tips on how to travel by train like a pro.

Have you travelled cross country by train? Let me know what it was like!


  • Dacian June 9, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Interesting post! I do defintelly agree! Sometimes taking the train or a car can mean that your trip just gets even more awesome. That is of course if you have the time to do that! Nice post!

  • painterwrite June 13, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    I’ve never flown within Europe. With the time it takes to get to the airport, go through security, etc, it’s always been more convenient to take the train. And you’re right, the scenery is FAR better. Unfortunately, here in the US, the train system is a joke. You’ll get a view, but you’ll end up staring at that same view for a few hours while the train is delayed.

    • My thoughts exactly! I can see why people fly far distances but when you take the travel either side into account it tends to be just as long, if not more so! I’ve heard this about American trains, but I’d still like to experience it. I once thought about going West Coast to East Coast on the train, then remembered just how huge USA is and reconsidered!

      • painterwrite June 14, 2017 at 4:37 am

        I wouldn’t recommend it unless you make the train ride your entire itinerary and can be very flexible with your time. Last time I took the train to Seattle (a three-hour drive from my home), the train not only departed over two hours late, but was also delayed several times enroute, making the trip take more than twice as long as driving. Ugh.

  • ChiemseeMichl June 17, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Great pics – and I’d like to add that taking the train is less harmful for the environment! Even if you compensate your CO2 on sites like http://www.atmosfair.de you’ll get the opportunity to get to know people on the your way…even with a recumbent bike with trailer this is possible – also if you’re traveling a long distance.

  • jasonlikestotravel June 26, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    It really is the best way to travel in Europe. Even the UK has some great scenic routes but it’s just so expensive getting trains here.

    • I’ve not travelled far in the UK by train purely because of the cost…I don’t know how other countries make it so affordable and yet trains in the UK are so pricey. Hopefully they’ll sort it out soon!

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