Postcards, Verona TD

Postcards from…Verona

My original intention was to travel from Venice to Strasbourg via Milan, where I’d have a brief stopover before continuing on to France. As I discussed my travel plans with an Italian colleague, she didn’t look too sure. After asking my reasons for heading to Milan specifically, she suggested looking at Verona instead. Well, I hadn’t set my heart on Milan, and the only thing I actively wanted to see there was the cathedral. If that was all I wanted to see on the short stopover, then Verona would cover that as she was sure the churches there were stunning and in true Italian style too.

Not one to ignore advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about, I rejigged the travel plan and factored in a couple of days in the Italian city of Verona. Well…I sure am glad I listened to that advice! The city of Verona is absolutely stunning, and I loved everything we saw and did, from the impressive churches, to the amazing arena and even the charming backstreet houses.

I managed to fit in a lot during my couple of days in the city, and as I made the mad dash to the train station, I realised that I hadn’t picked up any postcards! Of course I managed to find a shop en route that was full to the brim of all things tobacco and, oddly, postcards. There was so much in Verona that I loved, I couldn’t decide what to get postcards of. As my favourite thing in the city is the Arena, I of course has to grab a postcard with that on. Although this one shows the size of the Arena, it doesn’t really do it justice as to just how impressive the building is. But, I had little other choice if I wanted a postcard with the Arena on, so this was to be it.Postcard from...Verona ArenaBefore visiting Verona, I had an image in my mind of what it’d be like. Just like something out of a Shakespeare play, I thought it’d be a romantic, historic city with tall slim trees dotted around. I’m not sure why I thought there’d be these trees, but you can imagine my shock as the train neared and one of the first things I saw was this hill with…the trees! Once we’d arrived and got exploring, this hill secured itself in my top 3 favourite things in Verona because of the Roman Theatre that was here. Perfect balance of history, impressive architecture and stunning views of the city.Postcard from Verona hill, home to the Roman theatre

In an attempt to get a postcard with a few of the other things I loved in Verona, I opted for this one. Churches, amazing architecture and the red rooftops I absolutely loved in Italy in general, not just Verona. In fact, I don’t think I could have found a postcard with something on it that I didn’t love about Verona!Postcard from Verona, with churches, squares, bridge, Arena and Juliet's balcony

Check out my time in Verona here, or see what’ll make you love the city as much as I do here! 


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