Florence | The Perfect Italian Introduction

February 18, 2018

Florence | The Perfect Italian Introduction

February 18, 2018

After visiting Venice and Verona a year ago, I fell in love with Italy! I’ve been keen to get back there ever since, and for reasons I can’t remember I decided next up would be a long weekend to Pisa and Florence.

After a slight mix up with booking our flights, my boyfriend and I ended up with Club Europe seats – British Airways’ ‘premium economy’ which allowed us access to the lounge at Heathrow. Arriving to the airport a bit earlier than normal, we enjoyed our own fast track security lane and free food and drink in the lounge. Needless to say, my boyfriend made full use of the freebies on offer, and in fact stocked up so much it kept us going for our whole weekend away! Feeling way more relaxed than I usually do before a flight, we made our way to the gate to start our Italian adventure!BA Club Europe on board lunch meal

A smooth flight later, complete with the most attentive service ever and yet more food and drinks, we touched down in Pisa and made our way straight to the train station to jump on a train to Florence. An hour later and we were strolling through the streets of Florence to drop our bag at the hotel, and then straight out to explore the city!Train ticket Pisa Centrale - Florence

Florence and the River Arno at duskPonte Vecchio at nightBy now, time was getting on so we did a quick loop along a couple of bridges, including Ponte Vecchio, explored a bit of the old town and then on to spot the impressive Duomo. Just a brief glimpse of the stunning building and we were already itching to come back the next day when it was open to properly explore. Having seen photos of it, I was still in awe at the sheer size of it and the detail on the outside. I could already tell it was going to be a good one to explore!Ponte Vecchio at night, stalls still openFlorence Duomo and Campanile at night

By half 5 we were ready for dinner and on the hunt for a good place to eat not too far from our hotel. Our hotel had recommended a few places to eat, but I never know if they’re doing that because they’re decent places or because they get a commission from it, so we decided to find somewhere for ourselves. After walking around for over 45 minutes trying to find somewhere that I wanted to eat, we discovered a lot of places don’t actually open until about 7. Thankfully we found a super charming restaurant close to the hotel that had just opened, and popped in for a spot of pasta and risotto, before turning in for an early night. We’d had the perfect introduction to Florence and couldn’t wait to get out exploring the next day!La Antiche Carrozze Trattoria, FlorenceRiver Arno, Florence and night


  • Matthew Wakelee February 18, 2018 at 7:22 pm

    Florence is awesome. I went on a Mediterranean Cruise for my honeymoon. Florence was my probably my favorite stop.

    • gotthepostcard February 18, 2018 at 7:49 pm

      I’d love to do a Mediterranean cruise, I bet you got to visit some amazing places!

      • Matthew Wakelee February 22, 2018 at 1:51 am

        It was awesome. Florence and Cannes were my favorites.

  • jasonlikestotravel February 28, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    It’s a great city! Pisa and Florence ended up being my first (and only) introduction to Italy too! 🙂

    • gotthepostcard February 28, 2018 at 4:42 pm

      I can’t get enough of Italy, I’m so eager to get back there and visit a new city!

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