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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a beautiful city, and after spending four days there I got just a taste of everything on offer. With so much history, stunning architecture and amazing Christmas markets - yes, it's coming up to that time again! - it is a great city to explore! Here are some of my favourite snaps from my [...]


Wrapping things up in Prague!

The joys of staying so close to the Old Town Hall meant it was a great excuse to wander through the Christmas market there each day. Although we’d attempted to have a good look at what was on offer the night before, the crowds got the best of us. So we were back to peruse [...]


Prague: Crowds, Castles and Climbs

One of the perks of staying in a hotel next to a shopping centre is that we didn't have to go searching for breakfast. A few minutes after we'd left our room we were sitting with coffee and a croissant planning our day. Great start! Once the plan had been hatched, we made our way [...]


Prague: Even more cobblestones!

Up early, we were on the move again to a new city and a new country - Prague was calling us! Although we'd jumped in a taxi to the hotel from the train station, we didn't think it was actually that far to walk, so set out on the 20-minute walk with plenty of time [...]