Strasbourg TD

Strasbourg | Boat Tours, Kugelhopfs and Yet Another Train Journey

Although we had only arrived in Strasbourg the day before, the accommodation in Strasbourg was some of the priciest of the trip, and so we were only staying for one night. Which meant another morning up early to pack and after a bite for breakfast we were checked out, leaving our bags at the apartments [...]

Strasbourg TD

Strasbourg | Pretty Buildings and A Slight Chill…

Munich was a great teaser for our upcoming visit to Frankfurt,  and served as a lovely stopover that meant we didn't have to change trains about a million times between Verona and Strasbourg. What it also meant was that we'd have to get up before the crack of dawn to catch a 6.24am train from Munich [...]

Paris, Postcards

Postcard from…Paris

This one's a golden oldie, and I love postcards like these that show lots of different sights in a city! It's just a reminder of how many amazing things there are to see and do in Paris! 

Paris Postcard - Louvre
Paris, Postcards

Postcards from…Paris

The postcard collection is growing! These postcards came to me courtesy of my parents, who just enjoyed their first visit to Paris and their first experience on the Eurostar. In fact, I'm not sure if they enjoyed the Eurostar more than the long weekend in Paris, and if they could have, I'm sure they would [...]


Travel gifts from Paris!

I love bringing back goodies from my travels to share with people. And the next best thing when I can't go exploring is when other people bring back goodies for me! My parents have just returned from a long weekend in Paris to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. It was a surprise for him, right [...]

Mona Lisa postcard
Paris, Postcards

Postcard from…Mona Lisa

A world famous painting, in a world famous museum...how could I not get a postcard to remember it? I was lucky enough to find my way to the Mona Lisa when I visited the Louvre in Paris. For anyone who has been to the Louvre, they'll understand what I mean by that - the place [...]

Notre Dame Ceiling
Paris, Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Notre Dame Ceiling

Notre Dame is a stunning cathedral in the centre of Paris. One of my favourite things to do in churches is look up, and I was definitely not disappointed in Notre Dame! If you look to the right of the above photo, you can see that in the cross section of the arch is a [...]

Black and white postcard of the Eiffel Tower, Paris
Paris, Postcards

Postcard from…Eiffel Tower

This has to be one of my favourite postcards, especially from Paris. I love the Eiffel Tower, and the architecture of the landmark. I must have taken about a million photos of the Eiffel Tower (me and every other tourist in Paris!), and even tried taking a few black and white photos to get an [...]

Paris, Photo Friday

Photo Friday: The Thinker

One of Rodin's most famous pieces, I knew of the sculpture without knowing the name of it or the artist who created it. It wasn't until we visited Musée Rodin in Paris that I spotted the sculpture (not hard, it's big!) and I put two and two together. Many of the pieces available to view [...]


Montparnasse Tower, Paris

From a distance, Montparnasse Tower looks just like an ordinary office block. But the real gem lies at the top of the building, where you’ll find a large, open-air viewing platform. The obvious choice for panoramic views of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. However, we were staying just a couple of minutes walk from Montparnasse [...]