Hamburg, Germany

The city of Hamburg was second on my visit list in December, and while I only had a few days to explore, I had great fun checking the place out! While I may have taken a fair number of photos, here are some of my favourites...


Dresden bound!

With an afternoon train booked to Dresden, we had the morning to finish exploring Hamburg before moving on to the next city. We were up, packed and checked out in double time, leaving us plenty of time to find Hamburg Dom and the fish market. The map we had showed Hamburg Dom at the top [...]


Hamburg – Churches, Miniature cities and Christmas!

Our apartment in Hamburg didn't have any Wi-Fi, which actually turned out to be good for us as we didn't waste time in the morning checking social media and instead just got up and headed out to see what Hamburg was about. The first stop of the day was St Michael's church, which was just [...]

Copenhagen, Hamburg

Trains, ferries and automobiles…

The third day of our mini-Europe adventure started early as we had a train to catch to Hamburg! After the difficulty I'd had with my backpack on the first day, added to the distance from our hotel to Copenhagen central station, we decided to jump in a taxi. Quick, efficient, and way less stressful. Although [...]

Lonely Planet Germany & Copenhagen guides
Copenhagen, Hamburg, Travel Planning

Starting the journey…

After posting my recent Travel Plan, I was so happy with the response! I was touched that people took the time to offer their advice, and I have definitely taken it all on board. While everything isn't completely booked yet (or even planned!) I've got the first two stops locked down. First things first, flying [...]