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It’s Getting To The Planning Time Again…

I do love a Christmas break away. It started with a weekend city break to Berlin. The next year, it turned into an 8-day break covering Berlin, Cologne, Bruges and Brussels. Last year it extended again to just over 2 weeks, and I managed to visit 7 new cities. And this year? Well, this year [...]

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How To…Beat The Nerves When Flying!

To some, flying is the most exciting thing that leads to an amazing holiday. To others, it is the scariest thing to have to endure. But fear not, there are ways to overcome your fear, or at the very least distract from it. As technology advances, flying is actually getting easier. I used to worry [...]

Innsbruck cathedral with the Alps in the background
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8 Reasons Europe Is Better In Winter

There's nothing quite like exploring a city with the sun shining on your face, the scent of sun cream in the air and the prospect of picnics in a park. Summer trips are ideal for a lot of people, but there are a few reasons why the risk of winter rain completely outweighs the glorious sunshine. [...]

View from the train from Berlin to Cologe
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It’s really happening?!

16 days, 4 countries and a couple of backpacks. I have so many far-fetched and imaginative ideas that many remain just that, ideas. But this time my latest idea has actually come to life, and on Saturday my boyfriend and I will be setting off on our longest trip together for a couple of weeks [...]

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Plan it…or wing it?

I'm super excited about my upcoming December mini-travels in Europe, and as such spend a great deal of time reading about things to do there, places to see, how to get about etc. As I sat on my lunch break last week looking at ways to get to a tiny town in Austria, I got [...]

Lonely Planet Germany & Copenhagen guides
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Starting the journey…

After posting my recent Travel Plan, I was so happy with the response! I was touched that people took the time to offer their advice, and I have definitely taken it all on board. While everything isn't completely booked yet (or even planned!) I've got the first two stops locked down. First things first, flying [...]

View from the train from Berlin to Cologe
Travel Planning

The Plan – how hard can it be?

I get carried away when I'm planning a trip - I forget that travel takes time and that I personally prefer to travel slow and get a real feel for a place, rather than stop for a day and see just the high street. So when my boyfriend and I booked a couple of weeks [...]

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8 days and counting!

This week has been such a muddle and such a drag that I cannot wait to be flying off to Palma next week. In fact, in 8 days I will hopefully be there (Spanish air controllers permitting...) with a cocktail in one hand and some of my favourite Spanish food in the other. As I [...]

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Eurostar vs. Flying

Choices, choices, choices. We’re very lucky in this day and age that we have so many methods of transport available to us: train, plane, car, coach, walk, bike, etc. So on our recent visit to Paris, we had a choice...do we fly, drive, get the Eurostar or take a coach? We didn’t really fancy driving, [...]

Travel Planning

Choices Choices Choices!

Sometimes it can be a real struggle making some decisions. I'm not really talking little choices like BLT or chicken & stuffing sandwich for lunch - although it can be tricky sometimes! I'm thinking more along the lines of where is next for us to visit, where should we stay when we get there, what [...]