Venice TD, Verona TD

Venice | Goodbye water, hello Verona!

Time really does fly when you're having fun, and as we'd now woken up to the fourth day of our trip it meant it was time to move on. After a quick breakfast we were up, packed and checked out by 11am. It can only be described as a new personal best for me as the world's worst morning person. With… Continue reading Venice | Goodbye water, hello Verona!


Wrapping things up in Prague!

The joys of staying so close to the Old Town Hall meant it was a great excuse to wander through the Christmas market there each day. Although we’d attempted to have a good look at what was on offer the night before, the crowds got the best of us. So we were back to peruse… Continue reading Wrapping things up in Prague!


Prague | Crowds, Castles and Climbs

One of the perks of staying in a hotel next to a shopping centre is that we didn't have to go searching for breakfast. A few minutes after we'd left our room we were sitting with coffee and a croissant planning our day. Great start! Once the plan had been hatched, we made our way… Continue reading Prague | Crowds, Castles and Climbs

Copenhagen, Hamburg

Trains, ferries and automobiles…

The third day of our mini-Europe adventure started early as we had a train to catch to Hamburg! After the difficulty I'd had with my backpack on the first day, added to the distance from our hotel to Copenhagen central station, we decided to jump in a taxi. Quick, efficient, and way less stressful. Although… Continue reading Trains, ferries and automobiles…


Brussels | Rainy Days, Waffles and Tiny Sandwiches

As we arrived in Brussels, I had high hopes for the city. I had actually contemplated extending the time my boyfriend and I had in the city, but as we walked from Brussels-Midi to our hotel in the centre of the city, I was already having second thoughts about the mere day and a half… Continue reading Brussels | Rainy Days, Waffles and Tiny Sandwiches

Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Gingerbread Heaven!

    Anyone who has ever had German gingerbread will hopefully understand my absolute love for the stuff! As a child, my grandparents used to bring us some back from their trips to Germany, but it was only as an adult that I rekindled my romance with the delicious, bready  yumminess! I have only ever… Continue reading Photo Friday: Gingerbread Heaven!