A Night In London’s West End

My absolute favourite thing to do in London is visit the West End and see one of the world-famous shows that are on offer. Team it up with delicious German food, and it's starting to sound like my kind of night! Grand plans - well, grandish plans - were made to visit Portobello market around… Continue reading A Night In London’s West End


Harry Potter Studio Tour, England

The books stole the heart of almost every child and adult who read them, and the films captured those who were left. I’m hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Harry Potter or who hasn’t seen the films. And this could be the reason that Warner Bros hit a goldmine when they decided to… Continue reading Harry Potter Studio Tour, England

London, Postcards

Postcards from…Harry Potter Tour

I love Harry Potter, and when they opened the studio tour just outside of London, I had to go! It's only about a half hour drive from my house, and we spent a good 2-3 hours there, just looking at everything - the large set pieces actually used in the film, the small props like… Continue reading Postcards from…Harry Potter Tour