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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a beautiful city, and after spending four days there I got just a taste of everything on offer. With so much history, stunning architecture and amazing Christmas markets - yes, it's coming up to that time again! - it is a great city to explore! Here are some of my favourite snaps from my… Continue reading Prague, Czech Republic


Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Taking a whopping 632 years to finish building, it's easy to see why this iconic cathedral welcomes over 20,000 visitors a year. Finally finished in 1880, Kölner Dom has since survived World War II despite the rest of the city being largely flattened, and been added to UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. It now… Continue reading Cologne Cathedral, Germany


Munich | Hidden Churches, Crowds And Strange Souvenirs

For our last full day of our mini-Europe adventure, I wanted to make the most of being in Munich. Starting the day with hopes of visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, or venturing out to Dachau to visit a concentration camp, it soon became clear that this wasn't going to happen. I was so run down from two… Continue reading Munich | Hidden Churches, Crowds And Strange Souvenirs


Seeing the sights of Vienna!

The days when we didn't have to catch a train or other transport generally started a bit later, because who doesn't love a bit of a lie in? Unfortunately, the horses of the Spanish Riding School only exercise (that we could see) in the morning, so we were up and out early to make it… Continue reading Seeing the sights of Vienna!


Hamburg | Churches, Miniature cities and Christmas!

Our apartment in Hamburg didn't have any Wi-Fi, which actually turned out to be good for us as we didn't waste time in the morning checking social media and instead just got up and headed out to see what Hamburg was about. The first stop of the day was St Michael's church, which was just… Continue reading Hamburg | Churches, Miniature cities and Christmas!


Temple Church, London

Just in case I hadn't already mentioned it - I love this church. I've shared the postcards I picked up while there and I wrote about how I ended up being able to see this church. It may not be on the same level of grandeur as Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey and Sagrada Famillia, but… Continue reading Temple Church, London

Paris, Postcards

Postcards from…Paris

The postcard collection is growing! These postcards came to me courtesy of my parents, who just enjoyed their first visit to Paris and their first experience on the Eurostar. In fact, I'm not sure if they enjoyed the Eurostar more than the long weekend in Paris, and if they could have, I'm sure they would… Continue reading Postcards from…Paris

Postcard of the inside of Temple Church, London
London, Postcards

Postcard from…Temple Church

I made my way into London last month for a family gathering, and found that not only was London hosting 'Open London', an event allowing the public into usually private places, but also that Temple Church was part of the event. I'd been wanting to visit the church for quite a while, and I was super… Continue reading Postcard from…Temple Church

Postcard from...Gaudi, with pictures of his influences from Palma Cathedral.
Majorca, Postcards

Postcard from…Gaudi

My favourite church of all time is La Sagrada Familia, designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. When you wander through Barcelona, you can see his influence all over the city. So I was majorly excited when I found out that Gaudi had been involved in the design of Palma Cathedral. The cathedral itself has a… Continue reading Postcard from…Gaudi

Majorca, Spain

Palma | Public baths, palaces and even more churches! 

Yesterday was expected to be a washout - heavy showers, thunderstorms, the lot! But while the thunder rumbled in the hills, there was only the odd shower throughout the day, meaning we had a bonus day to explore that the weather forecast had originally written off. Not wanting to push our luck, my boyfriend and… Continue reading Palma | Public baths, palaces and even more churches!