Strasbourg TD

Strasbourg | Boat Tours, Kugelhopfs and Yet Another Train Journey

Although we had only arrived in Strasbourg the day before, the accommodation in Strasbourg was some of the priciest of the trip, and so we were only staying for one night. Which meant another morning up early to pack and after a bite for breakfast we were checked out, leaving our bags at the apartments… Continue reading Strasbourg | Boat Tours, Kugelhopfs and Yet Another Train Journey


Dresden bound!

With an afternoon train booked to Dresden, we had the morning to finish exploring Hamburg before moving on to the next city. We were up, packed and checked out in double time, leaving us plenty of time to find Hamburg Dom and the fish market. The map we had showed Hamburg Dom at the top… Continue reading Dresden bound!


Harry Potter Studio Tour, England

The books stole the heart of almost every child and adult who read them, and the films captured those who were left. I’m hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Harry Potter or who hasn’t seen the films. And this could be the reason that Warner Bros hit a goldmine when they decided to… Continue reading Harry Potter Studio Tour, England


Camp Nou, Barcelona

‘A tour of Barcelona’s football stadium, it’ll be fun’. Those are the words I heard from my boyfriend during our trip to Barcelona, and those are the words I never thought would be true. I’ll lay it out for you now - I am not a football fan. In fact, I’d go as far to… Continue reading Camp Nou, Barcelona