Venice TD

Venice | Gondola Rides and Prison Visits

Although I don't live by a church in England, I'm sure the bells do not ring very often. In Venice, however, they not only ring on the hour, but on the half hour, and sometimes at random times for about 5 minutes. They ring early in the morning, and even as late as midnight. Luckily,… Continue reading Venice | Gondola Rides and Prison Visits

Venice TD

Venice | Basilica, Monster Seagulls and Exploring!

Starting our second day in Venice with breakfast in bed, our hotel was really earning itself some brownie points. We soon got ourselves ready and out for another day of exploring. First on the agenda was a visit to the Basilica in San Marco Square. During our brief wandering yesterday, we'd noticed what looked like really… Continue reading Venice | Basilica, Monster Seagulls and Exploring!

Venice TD

Venice | The City That Glows

I have never liked early starts. I can't sleep because I am always absolutely convinced that my 3 alarms won't go off and I'll miss my flight. Thankfully, my alarms (and my boyfriend's back-up alarms) successfully managed to get me out of bed and to Heathrow in time for my 8.45am flight to Venice. As… Continue reading Venice | The City That Glows

Postcards, Ramsgate

Postcard from…Ramsgate

As a proper seaside town, Ramsgate has all the tourist-y souvenirs that you would expect - sticks of rock, magnets, t-shirts and the like. Of course, I picked a postcard up from my short stay in Ramsgate! While there, I didn't get to see much else than the harbour and the seafront, but it's so pretty… Continue reading Postcard from…Ramsgate

Postcard from Cathedral Cove New Zealand
New Zealand, Postcards

Postcard from…Cathedral Cove

I love getting postcards, and on my latest visit to my parents house I noticed this postcard lying on the side. My cousin recently moved to New Zealand to train as a pilot, and has sent us a postcard from one of his trips exploring the island. This officially takes the title of furthest postcard I've… Continue reading Postcard from…Cathedral Cove

Birds in a line on Barcelona Marina, taken on Kodak Zx5
Barcelona, Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Birds in a Line

I have the worst memory, and one of the bonuses of taking a billion pictures when I go away is that I get to look through them later and remember the little things that happen. My trip to Barcelona was 3 years ago (where has the time gone?!), and as I was going through the… Continue reading Photo Friday: Birds in a Line

Monkey Island, Afternoon Tea, Windsor, Bray
Restaurant Review, Windsor

Monkey Island Afternoon Tea

As a treat for my boyfriend, I thought it’d be nice to take him for afternoon tea. We’d already decided we were going to spend the day at Windsor Castle, so decided it’d be good to look for somewhere in that area. Windsor and the surrounding areas are lovely, so we weren’t too concerned about… Continue reading Monkey Island Afternoon Tea

Bruges, Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Het Zand Fountain

There are a few squares in Bruges, each with its own character. Although Grote Markt steals most of the limelight, when exploring the city and stumbling upon others, we saw this fountain at Het Zand, between Grote Markt and the train station. There are some questionable figures on the fountain, but we got there just… Continue reading Photo Friday: Het Zand Fountain

London, Photo Friday

Photo Friday: In Love With A Lake

There's a park close to my house with a lovely lake and plenty of space to enjoy a relaxing walk. We recently had a very rare, stunningly sunny day, and I just had to take advantage of the opportunity to try out my new camera! The place itself is really pretty, but as the sun… Continue reading Photo Friday: In Love With A Lake

Brussels, Postcards

Postcard from…Manneken Pis

One of the big 'sights' of Brussels is Manneken Pis, a statue of a small boy urinating into a fountain. We had a bit of trouble finding it, but the crowd soon gave it away, and so I just had to get a postcard to remind me of the random yet totally adorable statue in… Continue reading Postcard from…Manneken Pis